Corona how changed the system of Education

From pen paper to mobile and Tablet

The Education system has changed thouroghly through this pandemic situation. Before this crises also we were motivating the system to be worked with the help of digital world. But In today’s scenario this platform provides the strength of Education system. From the primary education to graduation level , it helps out students to keep them engaging and they also understand the things too.

The question arises after the Corona, are student go back to accept the offline medium. They definitely say yes, but although it makes them disturbing . So after this situation this system has to keep this platform on for the betterment of Education. Afterall Education is the most important thing for any individual.

But we dont had to forget that how much this platform is helpful also it is dangerous if they try to escape the steps , so under careful observation only, this platform helps out. For Exams, this platform may be a controversial issue, but through special apps ,we easily vigilance student and check their ability.

Overall we can say that in this pandemic situation of COVID 19, the use of digital platform provide the connection between teachers and students, which is vital for their Educational growth. So, through the effective use of digital platform , we are saving the world from illiteracy. And it also helps student to be updated about their Academics.

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