Xaireaphobia – I am

Xaireaphobia – rare word but a very common issue, the fear of saying goodbyes.
That’s me I hate saying goodbyes.
saying goodbye that is so hard. You know why because it’s the emptiness that stays after you say goodbye. There are goodbyes that leave behind emptiness that will be so hard to fill. Maybe you will never feel it again. It so hard to leave and face the unknown leave your comfort zone, and end something because it is so hard to realize you have to start another start of fresh.
Starting afresh is so not appealing have you ever been in the terror of shifting house like moving your entire home and room and everything and shift to a new one . Even if the new house in the locality and your new home which you are moving to is much much better than it was in the previous one.
That is what xaireaphobia is,the fear of saying goodbye in the fear that you have to get into a new one and start all over again and start from scratch.This is a real common thing like in above as you shifted your house now and then you got to go to a new school and make new friends all over again we have got to wave goodbye to all friends and make new ones all over again all over from the scratch.
we face the fear of saying goodbye because always humans do is search for acceptance all we ever wanted acceptance like if your parents praise you for a certain thing we become happy why because they are giving your acceptance.
that’s what is Xaireaphobia. It exists because the people around the world aren’t very accepting. If acceptance flows in the fear of goodbyes won’t pertain.
And yes,
Fun fact I am a Xaireaphobic.

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