‘Unlocking’ Muscles and Mind in Such Crisis Times

In the Unlockdown 1.0 some designated places have started to open. These places include business establishments and both government and private offices. People have to be on road and start work after three months of home confinement. Our body got enough rest and we now lack stamina to work all day, especially outside home. We have to bring back the old stamina and adjust it with the ‘new normal’. For long the daily rush for attending work was gone. ‘Work from home’ has made the body lazy and the lifestyle has affected both our mental and physical health. We were becoming habituated to sleeping, waking up, eating and sitting to work. It has become a daily routine. We did not even have a chance to go for walk in nearby parks. The body is still missing the adrenaline rush inside. So with the unlockdown small steps are to be taken in a systematic manner to re-adjust our body and mind. Some such steps:

  • Set Your Clock

The body clock has turned upside down during the lockdown. People have changed the timings of everything— from sleeping to waking up to having meals. We have to set your bio-clock again in the same routine as the pre-lockdown days. Everyday we have to practice waking up early morning, have proper breakfast or brunch in time to get set for work at the appropriate time. One has to sleep for six to seven hours at night to have a healthy system in the body.

  • Participate in Virtual Marathons

There are many organizations in India and in other parts of the world, which are arranging ‘virtual runs’, providing attractive items like masks, tee-shirts, medals and e-certificates. Various running apps like Adidas Running, Nike Run Club, Pumatrac are utilised for this purpose. There are different categories and kilometres to complete in a day or in a month. We may participate in the runs and make our body fit. The entry to these events is pocket-friendly and they also provide much motivation to make a comeback on the running track.

  • Have food at Proper Time

We have to start eating healthy at regular hours to maintain balance of energy levels. The body will feel good and it can come back to its old rhythm to work properly. There is need to have a reasonable gap between the meals and snacks without skipping any.

  • Keep Doing Exercises

The body needs some exercises to keep up with work. Otherwise it will become slack and will be overwhelmed with fatigue. After a hard working day our full body will be under strain, if not in pain. Thus if we want to avoid this situation we have to start doing exercise at different levels regularly. We must wake up early and do some basic exercises by watching YouTube or using running apps. Your body will be perfectly fit before your work from home ends.

  • Drink Lots Of Water

People sweat a lot when humidity dominates the weather in our country. The body needs hydration because dehydration leads us to exhaustion. There is only one effective solution to this problem— water. The body needs adequate amount of water to keep itself away from dehydrating. We should drink at least three litres of water everyday to keep the body healthy. Three litres of water can include tender coconut water, iced tea, jaljeera mix, fresh fruit juice or lemon water.

So it is high time to get set and go. The unlockdown has given us a chance to knockdown lethargy caused by the pandemic-led confinement. Stay healthy! Stay Safe!