Feminism – Includes ALL genders?

Feminism isn’t about shaming or hating men and if you think it is, let me explain.

It is all about calling society on out how it treats men and women differently. It is about asking for the same freedom and opportunity. If you think we already have it, you are in denial! Feminism is a word that is empowering for some and hated by many.

Lately the word and the movement have been misunderstood by both men and women. It is now associated as “anti-men” or a “men-hating” movement by many. People think of feminism as angry women, asking other women not to wear hijabs and covered clothes, also criticising housewives for their choice. There are statements like “I believe in equality, but I am not a feminist” or “I am a humanist”; it doesn’t make you cool or less judged by society.

Pseudo feminism and feminazis are definitely noticeable. It isn’t about superiority or inferiority of any gender; especially it is not to degrade men. Both men and women fought for equality and basic human rights, TOGETHER in the past. As a human, I am delighted enough because I know that a good mass of women  have struggled and fought for this basic tight to express themselves, back in the history.

We all have heard that if feminism is all about equality “can I slap back a woman of she slaps me?”, and according to me the answer is, violence against you must not be tolerated and no one has the right to hit anyone, irrespective of genders. But why the whole concept of feminism viewed with certain wrong instances in mind? Why is it all about “whether you can hit the opposite sex or not”. It is unfortunate to see people mocking feminism. But the fact is; there are individuals who totally misinterpreted the concept of feminism and use it against men, but it doesn’t really change what it is! Feminism is just an ideology that simply believes in equality.  Real feminist are exclusively fighting to remove patriarchal society and gender roles. Using the word “real” before feminism is sad because some people out there doing wrong things under the name of feminism and they need to know the opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy, it is EQUALITY!

Let’s try not to put someone down to uplift ourselves. It’s time to accept the fact that we all need each other’s support.

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