Subh mangal zyada saavdhan is
is a pure entertainment movie based on homosexuality. But some areas in the film need our special attentions. Through out the film you will laugh out loud. But there are few things which are quite disturbing and unexpected.

The first thing is beating up one person from the gay couple so badly until he fainted and that too was shown in a typical comic way by playing funny slow motion music with it which leads everyone in the cinema hall to a laugh riot during this scene. It is well known that the director wanted this film to be funny so that it can attract a huge crowd to witness it and through this laugh riot he wanted people to understand the need of acceptance for this community. But this scene was not necessary when everyday some or the other person is being beaten up even being murdered by their own family member just for being queer or exceptional. This scene was not at all necessary when the motive of the director was to normalise this relationship in the society.

The second thing is though they didn’t effeminate any one from the couple but they focused more on the acceptance of their relationship in their family than focusing on their relation and romance.

Films based on homosexuality had also been made before in our country but this was the first commercial entertainment film based on homosexuality. The expectations were higher. Everyday these people are suffering. This generation is suffering. Even the next generation will also suffer but may be a little less. In every friends group we can find some people who are against homosexuality. Either they are homophobes or borderline homophobes. Inspite of being a pure comedy film it failed to attract the majority of the mass. Even in 2020 after decriminalization of 377 we still have people who don’t like it. Who won’t accept their family members for being queer.

This topic is really very sensitive and delicate topic. Making a comedy film on this is really commendable. Kudos to the directors and the actors who have made it happen. Nothing can be totally flawless. I just hope Bollywood to have more films like this one but better than this. WITHOUT THESE FLAWS.