Online teaching

As humans we always tend find a way  to solve any problem and this pandemic where everything is put on a halt, learning not stopping. As 77% of people in India owns a smartphone  and  as internet has gotten cheaper and  is available to more and more people. Keeping  these demographics in mind educational institutions all over India have started taking classes online . These classes are taken so that the schools can cover the portion of the syllabus to some extent so that they don’t have to face the problem of completing it altogether when the  things come back to normal. It is a very good step as students can attend the classes in the comfort of their home and yes very important thing they are safe. The big question here is should this, be made compulsory for all the students?

What about the remaining 23% others who does not own a smartphone, Education itself is something they are getting after facing  so  many hardships. Especially in private schools where there is a provision to give a reservation of 25%  seats for the children coming from the weaker section of the society. Many a times they don’t even get the information that the classes have started online, these children suffer a loss due to this. At times institutions also overlook these issues as they have to safeguard the interests of other students whose parents are elite.

In Kerala a 14 year old girl committed suicide as she was  depressed of not being able attend the online lectures, as she didn’t have a mobile. Some students go through  an agony no one would understand, as its their growing years there are many insecurities they feel that cannot be explained. In  situation like these making the online classes compulsory is not a good idea. This surely will impact the importance of the online class as some students will not attend the class despite having all the facilities. Rather some concession should be given to those students who don’t have these facilities. Also an assurance should be given to these students that as the schools reopen they would arrange some special classes to teach them these lessons so that they do not feel left out. This extra effort should be taken by the educational institutions.

Such instances should not mean that the online education should be reverted ,rather it should be revised. Digital teaching is a good way to get quality education, to have a productive day while in quarantine. As digitalization is slowly becoming a part of everyday’s life and there is no doubt that it should be utilized by the public effectively. For this the amenities should be provided to the people in an affordable price so that this campaign of digitalization can have greater success . This will also increase the students participating in digital education and nor the institution have to do extra work and they can do the job of educating students smoothly. It is really important that we understand the importance of educating students as its every child ‘s right to get Education and no one should be denied of their right.