Work Hard but Smartly.

Hard work consumes much time, is exhausting, outdated as they say, involves more physical than mental application but adds to the experience of our work. It makes us wise as we understand where to save time, what not to do and how to do things. It builds determination, persistence and perseverance. The world is always productive; we sometimes fail to see it.

The surprising thins is that we try, we fall, we learn, and then we get up to do it right. We are not born with an inserted mechanism in our brain that we start smart work immediately from childhood. There is no alternative to hard work as it is the building block of smart work for ordinary people. Once we built it, we become efficient. So, the first step towards success is hard work. On the next level, we must apply our brains to do work smartly. Because we can only work for limited hours of a 24-hour day and someone is always willing to work more than us. So, the trick that gives us edge over others is that we become more productive in less time.

There is one thing that escapes most of us. People who are into smart work do it intuitively. It is in their character. Their experiences and the surroundings they lived in, built this character. These people have their eyes on their targets, and they make the most of the limited resources they have. In short, they utilise time and resources efficiently. They also strike a balance between work and life, develop time management skills, stay positive, mix creativity with physical efforts and have control over the outcome of their work.

Most importantly, they understand that there is a right time and a proper place for something. They wait for it and then apply smartness while remaining time they work hard. The ability to prioritise things is vital, and one must leave unnecessary tasks.

The movie ‘3-idiots can provide us with the best example of smart work. The central character would not study like a hard-working student who prepares notes, studies diligently for exams. This person would only pay undivided attention in lectures and understand concepts entirely, and that is smart work. As a result, he aced the exams and the people who worked hard also did well but not as good as him. So, it is clear that smart work gives us an edge. Students must understand that long hours into study not necessarily guarantee success but understanding of concepts, grasping the techniques in limited time does.

Hard work and smart work will go hand-in-hand. We must keep building relationships with people to create a strong network for ourselves. Sometimes, we don’t need to work at all; people do that for us and they key ingredient is our relationship.