Happiness in small packets

In this fast pacing life where we all want to do something big and are working towards it  day and night to achieve that, we often tend to forget ourselves. We limit ourselves  so that we only focus on that one big  thing in life. Thats expected  because life  is short  and there are many things to achieve. Like said in the movie “Bawarchi”  In waiting of a big happy moment we miss theses small happy moments.  we take many things for granted, we tend to forget that things change with time and they don’t stay there forever, like spending time with family and friends and To be grateful for the things we have.  These things may look insignificant but they have a great impact in our lives. Having a heartfelt conversation with your well wishers can bring out solution to any problem one faces, also the support they give can give the strength to face any difficulties in life. When we give importance to the things which makes us happy , it actually adds meaning to our lives this is what makes us different from machines that can’t feel anything rather just work mechanically and rest so as to get charged up to work again.

Like we say love should be just a part of our lives, career also should only be a part of our life rather than the whole life. You can prioritize career over anything else but that does not mean, you stop yourself from doing anything else. Your life is what you define not with what one has to say about it . Its all about adding meaning to your life that actually makes you realize the importance of being alive, and eventually to respect it. Nothing is more important than being alive. Stress and problems do come and go, nothing is permanent taking any step in that rage which will cost life should never be an option. In India over 28 people commits suicide every day  and most of them   between 15-40 years of age. There are many reasons like pressure of studies, unemployment, and sometimes loneliness.  You may wonder how can loneliness kill a person?

When a person feels lonely, thats a the time where he or she feels completely stranded like there is no one to talk to or express his feelings. One thinks no one cares about him and  such feelings starts to fill up the mind then one thing leads to other and such people take a harsh step of ending their own life. Its just a thought of one second, if  at that time like in Bollywood movie’s hero  their conscience hits them and make them realize what they are doing is completely unjustified this can save  their life . We just have one life , that would end one day why to end earlier.  Its not very difficult  to be happy, it just requires us to  do things that gives us  happiness. When years passes by one would look back and feel how grateful he is to the hero that came on time and rescued him from taking the terrible step, and as it is said  life should be big and  that should be  filled with happiness .