“Human And Their Natural Interference”.

Man has been utilizing various natural as well as artificial resources around himself to build essential things required in  daily activities. With the need and reliability factor, man has been shifting to metals and material for better durability,consistently, toughness and many such properties. But since the inception of technology, a drastic shift could be seen in utilization of material for various usage. Prominently plastic. Plastic is used in almost everything we think of, including our food. The desired properties of this material make it perfect to be used for different aspects and can be converted to desired shape and size as per the requirement. This surely has made life of man much easier as it used to be. Be it for storing things, irrespective of its state be liquid, solid or gas, for carrying goods, in LCD,LED, even our smartphones, utensils, vehicles and many more. We are surrounded by plastic and material made from them, as a factor of their number of advantages in today’s tough World. 

Plastic generally comprises small polymers, long and repeating chains. These polymers can be break down and can be utilized to make new synthetic materials from it. This makes the new material or the synthetic products to be better than the natural ones, be in their properties of light weight, more elastic, long lasting and Moldable. The wide availability and easy production makes it wisely available and at cheaper rates. These factors surely make plastic an important and integral part of our life until we see it’s effect on our nature and surrounding .Plastic being one of the synthetic and durable products with strong bonds between its molecules, it could take 100 of years to get decomposed. The piling up of plastic as cups, carry bags, water bottles and many more in various rivers, and in  our surrounding is leading to a harmful effect to our nature. More than 40% of plastic is used for wrapping up of food contents and packaging. This plastic is more oftenly a waste and thrown away with the single use motto of every individual. This waste us piling up and is filling up spaces. 

But what are the initials steps to it? As per the survey 9% of this waste is being recycled, while 12% was burnt. Burning of plastic releases harmful gases which might not be suitable for any living being to inhale, also not adds on to the content of carbon in our nature and thus a key factor in global warming. But rest 79% of plastic is still present around us. We are deteriorating our surroundings, ocean, river with these plastics, thus also affecting marine life. But the most dangerous impact these plastics are making is that these get divided into smaller and smaller parts which get mixed up with the water, and it does get difficult to remove plastic completely from these water resources. This is most often consumed by marine animals and results in common deaths, since these contain a lot of chemicals in them and are also not easy to digest. But their main concern is that even we humans eat seafood, and are thus more likely to get affected by this. 

So what could be done, while our life is still dependent on this material. Banning of plastic could not be a final solution. But reducing single use and using these for multiple times could definitely reduce its waste. We could reduce the unnecessary production of plastic and shift to more eco friendly ways for the same. The government around the world must come together and find a proper solution for the same and also initially research a better alternative for this material which could prove to be cheaper and not harm our nature. Also the industrial plastic waste must be segregated in a much better way instead of rivers, so as to reduce the plastic and pollutants in our rivers. 

“It’s high time to understand the harmful effects of this material and come together to find  the better options as we have alternatives to the material but not more alternatives to the planet. We have one planet with us, so with the essence of oneness and unity we need to work in order to make our earth secure”.