World Picnic Day…

We celebrate world picnic day on 18 June, and It’s often claimed that life is no picnic but today it is! International Picnic Day is a chance to eat out in the open air with friends or family. The word “picnic” comes from the French language, and it’s believed this type of informal outdoor meal became a popular pastime in France after the Revolution. As fans of Jane Austen’s novels will know, 19th-century picnics were elaborate social occasions, with menus featuring a wide range of cold meats and pies that took days to prepare. International Picnic Day is celebrated in many countries, though its origins are uncertain. Charity events, school picnics, and all kinds of other group meals are organized to mark the occasion. You could also bike, walk or hike to a nearby beauty spot, or just take your sandwiches and cold hard-boiled eggs into the garden and enjoy an al fresco lunch.

International Picnic Day is observed on June 18, every year. It is a day to encourage people to go outdoors and enjoy a hearty meal in nature, with other people’s company. In the early days, people used to go on a picnic as an escape from their daily lives. The true origin of International Picnic day remains unknown, but it can be traced back to the end of the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. This day is also marked by various charity events and school picnics. People all around the world meet their friends and family and go on picnics. They generally used to carry food, outdoor games, soft drinks, juices, and other essentials to share it with their travel partners. According to the Guinness Book of World records, the largest Picnic took place in  Portugal. In Australia’s Northern Territory, the International picnic day is celebrated in August on the first Monday of each year. It is a popular concept in that area and the general public gets a day off on this day. Schools and Colleges are also shut on this day.


Asian people do not give any importance to the picnic day, and this day always celebrated in Australia and the U.S., Australian celebrate Picnic Day events since the late 1800s in Northern Territory. The Harts Range Races in Central Australia are held each Picnic Day long weekend. The races began in 1946 when three brothers Bennett, Quinton, and Kil Webb from Mount Riddock Station raced stockman Jack Schaber and the regional policeman Senior Constable Bob Darken over a distance of about a mile to the Ulgarna Yards to determine who had the fastest horse.

Moreover, in the U.S., Picnic Day is organized by a board of directors consisting of 18–20 students, ranging from different backgrounds and talents. Directors are full-time students and active participants of other extra-curricular activities and events at UC Davis. Every year, the board of directors selects a theme that will reflect the mission and vision of that year’s Picnic Day, and they also organized a different kind of themes and parade marshals each and every year since 1942 the themes started and in 1962 the parade marshal was started.

Here are some advantages and benefits of a picnic:

  1. Spending time outdoors, basking in nature, breathing fresh air, and enjoying a great view. The pure air invigorates you and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.
  2. Spending time with family is always a great bonding experience. In the fast-paced, urbane lifestyle of today, there is often limited time for maintaining relationships with some of the most important people in your life.
  3. Since picnics often take place in warm environments, the tendency to participate in relaxing small talk is high.
  4. While picnics offer many social benefits, you don’t have to spend the entire time chatting up a storm.
  5. Meals prepared and eaten at home are usually more nutritious and healthy than eating out and particularly so when you bring food for a picnic.
  6. Eating lunch outdoors is a natural mood booster. You can be amazed at how much the lack of sun in your body can affect your mood.
  7. Picnics are a great stress buster as it helps reduce the stress and anxiety related to work and home.

Please, spend time with family at outdoor and spread awareness regarding it.

thanks for reading.