Are blogs made out of blogs?

The tricky thing about blogging is that there’s always something stopping you. You often stare at the blank page, wondering whether what you will write will be good enough. You get distracted. Or you have this idea that you really love, but someone else is already written about it.

What is the point of blogging if someone has already covered what you want to write about? Well, here’s a thing almost all of my articles are about topics that have been already covered by others, calling them as universal topics. What I blog is the sum total of all that I have ever internalized; a bit of Tony Robins, a bit of Mark Manson and so on. There’s a fact that people cannot get enough of certain topics because they form the foundation of who we are as human beings.

Your uniqueness as a blogger is not about writing something new but it is about the perspective from which you cover those topics. No one can write in the same way as you do. I often pressure myself to be original as in one thousand person original, something out of the blue. To uncover something hidden or depths of the human soul that has been locked since eternity.

And the truth is trying to do that is a recipe of disaster. Besides, inspiration often tends to evaporate under pressure. Trying to be original is a fire way to get bankrupt in ten or less blog posts. That’s why inside of trying some fiery idea, I think about the readers out there, what is that they would like to read about. We humans get inspiration or at least we try to take some by knowing or reading someone’s journey, so I started to add myself in my blogs. It worked many of my readers could relate. You do not read my words for the information they share but the way you can derive a sense of purpose.

Blogging is a simple process. It is us; bloggers who make it seem too terrifying and complicated. A blank page gives you the freedom to create anything you want, as long as you don’t try to create everything at once, or something that no one ever created before. It is about punching the damn keys.  One word at a time.

If you need inspiration, just take a look at what people have been fascinated about since forever. Even books are made out of books, so why not blogs!

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