Pure Love : A Single Word with Deep Meanings ………..///

Love, a word which can’t be expressed in words. Is there any perfect definition of love? I don’t think so because the persons who are in love make its own definition. Some says Love is my life so some says my life is there just because of my love and there can be infinite of definitions like this as love never die it is immortal, as love never ends it last forever in the book of history. We hear so many definitions of love but what exactly the love is? Is it name to get it or the name to give it? There are many people around the world who treats love as the worst thing as it is not good but I don’t agree with it.

My question is to them are they have never loved anyone? And if the answer is no I think they are not the humans as it’s a human tendency as they spread love everywhere and even our sculptures say that if you do love your work you will definitely get success in it. Just note one thing that a love is not just the love between a girl and a boy, love can be with anything with your parents, brother, sister or with your goal, your dream, your work and that’s why I asked the above question as the person who are treating the love as a wrong thing he/she itself loves the person whom he/she is stopping to do the love.

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Love is not the bad thing; just the way to do the love or to achieve it may be wrong. There are lots and lots of examples of love and we even follow them and praise them. Let’s talk about what the love really is and we can understand the true meaning of love with its symbol, with the epitome of love, with lord Radhakrishna and i think everybody knows about it. There love was synonym of purity, dedication and understanding. They explain us the real meaning of love. They told us that the love is the name to give it not to get it as the more love you give the more you get. A love is a thing which gets multiplies on sharing and divided on snatching it’s upon you what you have to choose.

As the time has changed the definitions love is also changed.  Olden times love used to be from bottom of the heart and now it’s the matter of just time pass,  a thing like use and throw changing the partners seems to be very easy as every now and then we get the news that they have done the breakup or he/she have ditched her or now he/she have another partner its seems to be so easy like having a breakfast in one plastic disposal and then throw it and then use the another disposal for the lunch and now it’s a trend of having GF and BF as it is treating as a sign of advancement but remember one thing that the this is not the actual love.

The actual love is the love which is there in your heart even if your heart stops beating. If you really love anyone you can’t leave her as there is no space of word like breakup in real love and many of them still do the real love.

Credit : Third Party Reference

The meaning of real love can be explained by the soldier who can even sacrifice its life for its love i.e. for her country as standing in the borders day and nights and always keeping your every sense open is not a easy task. It’s not easy to be away from your loved ones. It’s not easy to be in duty when the whole country is celebrating the festival and you are standing in the border with those heavy guns in hands.

It’s not easy but the thing that makes this difficult task easy is their infinite real love towards their country. Where I am ready to give my life but I will not let my tricolour down, it’s their love towards our nation flag that we are sitting here safely writing and reading the article, celebrating our life with our family. The soldiers are the real and live example of real love where you can give everything but will not let your Country (a symbol of love) down.

There is even more example but the love never survives on inspiration and examples it survives in our inner heart as we you can be the example. Love doesn’t depend on trends it depends on your heart. Love is not a word it’s a feeling and you can feel it for anything that love and last but not the least love is not wrong but the way to do the love and the path chosen in love can be wrong.