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Once before in 2019 Mr. Anil Ambani either you pay Eriksson 453 crore rupees or go to jail that time is super rich brother saved him from that feed and then it happened again this year you are personally liable to the three Chinese bank for our comms use of 700 million dollars, but sir I have a net worth of zero you Daikin industrialist socialite and fitness enthusiast there riches-to-rags story of Anil Ambani could well be a plot for a Bollywood film just like his father the Dhirubhai Ambani.

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Dhirubhai Ambani also inspired a film guru  Dhirubhai was legendary for his audacious vision and his ability to successfully implement it

“If you don’t build your dreams someone else will hire you to help them build theirs while”

Started as a petrol pump attendant in Aden Yemen his son’s vocational him walk straight to the directors cabinet while returned to India with just 500 rupees set up reliance and took it public in 1977 the boy started life sitting on its board and that time of his death in 2002 Forbes ranked Dhirubhai Ambani as the world’s 130 eighth richest person with a net worth of 2.9 billion dollars leaving behind one of India’s biggest companies worth 75 thousand crore unthinkable to him that his two sons would fight over his legacy. Dhirubhai did not leave behind the wheel despite cracks forming between the two brothers even during his lifetime who were then Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries respectively after the father’s death these cracks came wide into the open over who would own which company. There was no question as to who would get their flagship petroleum company reliance because Mukesh was the one who had built them main Patal Ganga plant and understood the business intricately Reliance Communications India’s second largest telecom company at the time was also micaceous baby having an vision and build it from scratch but Anil wanted it. Finally, it was their mother Kokilaben in 2004 five I need are calm mom supported by external negotiators chartered accountant s guru-murthy and banker KV Kamath who stepped in to divide the conglomerate Mukesh got all the old economy companies Reliance Industries petroleum IPCL infrastructure while Anil got all the new economy companies and renamed his group ad AG telecom Reliance Capital Energy Natural Resources and broadcasting and his legacy left him as the sixth richest man in the world with a net worth of more than 42 billion dollars just one step below his elder brothers forty three billion. It was broadly expected that since Ana had control over sundry sectors he would do better than Mukesh in the long run in his quest to further strengthen his hold in this sunrise sector in 2005 Anil bought ad lab films and their chain of theaters big cinemas which by 2008 had become the largest multiplex chain with 700 screens across India and overseas he also signed a 1.2 billion dollar deal with American filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s production company DreamWorks in the same year making some Academy award-winning movies.

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When Anil floated an IPO for Reliance Power it was subscribed in 60 seconds and record for Indian capital markets a Mills flamboyant lifestyle was a fairytale like his proximity to Bollywood celebrities on a loose was my genre program to politicians like Samajwadi parties. Amar Singh who had enough clout to have him nominated as AI onion through by Ambani having being elected as a member of the Rajya Sabha like his bi-weekly helicopter flight from his South Mumbai home to our comms office in Navi Mumbai named Dhirubhai Ambani knowledge seeking or his love for running and fitness which he apparently took up after an American investor.

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Mukesh boasting of the most expensive house in Asia worth 700 million dollars four and a half thousand crore anil planned his own luxurious house aboard also worth about the same amount in Bandra Pali Hill which is still under construction with so much money and attention around it seemed Anil star would shine forever things however did not go as planned relations between the once close brothers that were until then civil Saud instead of renegotiating an old deal in 2010 and Anil took Mukesh to court over the supply price of gas from Reliance Krishna Godavari Basin. Mukesh refused to supply him gas at the contracted price under the terms of the 2005 gas agreement brokered by their mother who Kokila had contracted to supply gas to onions our NRL at two dollars 34 cents per mm BTU even though its price had since risen sharply in international markets but the Supreme Court in accordance with the government’s gas utilization policy fixed the price at four dollars 20 cents per mm BTU in favor of Mukesh as Anil his next hit was in Telecom when our comb was set up they adopted the cheaper CDMA technology. While rivals such as Airtel and Hutch used the more expensive GSM while CDMA was a superior technology at 2g and 3G levels the world was moving towards 4G and beyond which it could not support once the tenure anti-competition clause with his brother lapsed into end Mukesh launched Jio and changed the face of the telecom industry in India within three years of Jio’s launch our comes one point six five lakh crore market capitalisation lost over 98% of its value and eventually went into insolvency proceedings in May 2018 both these were big setbacks for Anil.

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Now his dominoes began to fall one by one in an effort to reduce debt in 2014 Anil sold big cinemas to Carnival for seven hundred and ten crore and two years later parts of his TV and FM radio business to Zee for one thousand eight seventy two crore during his head is Anil to showcase his engineering capability took huge loans to build Mumbai Sea Link and the city’s verso Agard copper Metro both projects done below cost despite things falling all around him. Anil without domain knowledge tried his hand in the defense sector when in 2016 he bought p-pop of marine and offshore engineering so it was no surprise when the diversification failed and the market cap of Papa renamed Reliance navel fell ninety percent in 2019 from a billion dollars to a hundred million the Fuhrer over the Rafael deal in Parliament also added to his woes finally the profit making and cast generating Reliance Energy was sold off to Adani in 2017-18 for 2.5 million$ 18,000 crore took pay off debts loans that Anil defaulted on worth twelve thousand eight hundred crore also played a part in the downfall of yes bank as of December 31st 2019 Anil Ambani telecom naval infrastructure and power businesses have defaulted on loans over 43860 dollars his pile of deaths has also affected his other projects we had the Delhi Metro or power projects in Madhya Pradesh while Mukesh Ambani’s wealth saw ups and downs but remains steady at 43.1 billion$ last year on his fortunes tumbled to 1.7 billion and is reported to be worth less than 1 billion.

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Anil monies deadly sins poor strategy are calm lost out when 4g came this way known drawback in CDMA pride chasing prestige projects with long returns rather than the bottom line like the ceiling over ambition looking outside of core competence areas like venturing into defense mismanagement taking more loans than the ability to pay in worst case scenarios like our comm navel etc mukesh on the other hand has not only kept a deep focus on his core business but entered two major sunrise sectors retail and telecom through a well-crafted strategy. Anil is not the only one to lose his fortune Ranbaxy is Shiv endure and Melinda Singh lost their ancestral 2 billion empire Ashika then Ravi can through you had to let go their bankrupt Essar Steel to ArcelorMittal VG Siddhartha of coffee cafe day ended his life citing debts and pressure from lenders the rage girl had to step down as chairman of Jet Airways which eventually wound up operations under a debt of 8500 TV mogul Subash Chandra lost his stake in Zee TV due to mounting debt the once billionaire is currently battling a lawsuit by three Chinese banks which are trying to recover 680 million$ they lend to our Comment 2012 debt backed by onions personal guarantee in a further spate of bad luck Reliance Capital the only business which was still doing well also got hit due to global recession after the corona virus epidemic a London Court has now asked him to deposit a hundred million dollars in six weeks but Anil pleaded, “I do not hold any meaningful assets which can be soon to pay them” now that the six week deadline is over and Anil is still out of jail it appears that he had enough personal funds to make the payment after the Jio-Facebook deal big brother Mukesh sauce even higher but with limited resources left the question is what next for Anil Ambani Baseball’s Limerick this is the story of Anil Ambani how his life was once full of glory but his death overloaded and capital eroded what chapters are left in this riveting story.