International Father’s Day – 3rd Sunday of June

Have you ever given a count to everything your superhero did for you? I know the answers would be fairly no because we can’t do so!

Father’s day is one of the occasions for honouring fatherhood and the position they play in this world. This day is dedicated to all the fathers in this world, making them feel delighted of who they are and thanking them for everything they did for their families.


Fathers play a very meaningful role in the existence of a child. It is a father who makes a child, develops his or her personality, leads the way for us to become what we seek, lifts us in our accomplishment and being a strong shoulder in all our ups and downs. Counting everything he did for us wouldn’t be justice to the fatherhood. So, let’s have a glance at the life aspects that would be insufficient without insufficient.

Fathers and the discipline: A father knows what to teach his child. He executes the rules comprehensively to make his child differ between all the rights and the wrongs he or she will be overlooking in their beings.

Fathers and the emotional evolution: Studies demonstrate that an affectionate and supportive father affects a child’s development and strength. They often become a protection for their children. Physically and emotionally, they further formulates self-confidence in their children.

Fathers and the Sons: A son always seeks his father’s character from a very young age to discover the rules for resisting in the community. This teaches a son to treat others with admiration, respecting and caring others etc.

Fathers and the Daughters: Fathers are accountable for protecting their daughters and supporting them emotionally. They teach them the genuine essence of every relationship and make them tough for further circumstance in life.

Fathers and the Real existence: Fathers help to see their children the virtual world in which they exist. He teaches them the reality and severity of this world.


This day was founded in the USA in Spokane, Washington YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. There it was first celebrated on June 19, 1910. Sonora was inspired by Anna Jarvis’s suggestion of celebrating Mother’s Day in honour of her mother and felt of celebrating a similar day for honouring the fathers. Sonora’s father, William Jackson was a Civil War veteran. He raised six children alone being a single parent. She wanted this day to be celebrated on her father’s birthday which was on June 5. But the church’s time impediment ended up postponing it to the third Sunday of June.


On this occasion, children appreciate their father for supporting them emotionally, mentally and even financially and get to know that how much a father is important in their lives. Children offer gifts and gratitude to their father. This helps to bridge up a stronger bond between a child and a father. Being a father is sharing half of the parental bond with their children. They bestow unconditional love and not expecting anything in return.