Solar Eclipse- Everything you need to know!!!

Solar Eclipse a sight is rarely seen on earth. On this day the sun will look like a shining ring. This will be neither partial eclipse nor complete. The shadow of the Moon will cover  almost 99% of the Sun rays. Which will cause the side of the sun remain illuminated and the middle part of the sun will be completely covered by the shadow of the moon.

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Solar eclipse will be addressed on 21st June 2020 from 10:20 AM  to  1:49 PM which will be visible in India and according to astrology this day will be impressive as many planets and constellations will be matching which did not match from past 500 years! Sutak period will start from 10:17 AM on 21 June it self. This solar eclipse will be in Mrigashira, Ardra, Nakshatra and Gemini. During this eclipse, 6 planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Rahu and Ketu will be in retrograde state; Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. Such position of planets will make solar eclipse impressive. According to astrology, eclipses can become a factor of natural disasters, which may cause disaster like earthquake, typhoon or storm.

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Precautions should be taken during the solar eclipse every time like; Solar eclipse should not be viewed with naked eyes. During this time the rays emanating from the sun are vary harmful and hence can damage the eyes. Therefore, to see this, special types of equipment should be used like Welding glasses, X-ray sheet keep a not that your face and body should be covered fully as the rays may damage the skin. According to religious beliefs, do not do any auspicious work at the time of eclipse. At the time of the eclipse, neither should you eat or drink anything. It is believed that before eclipse, basil leaves should be put in food and drink to make it safer. In the eclipse period, remembering the Lord, do puja, chanting, charity etc. religious work which will be good for family and ourself too. As soon as the eclipse of the eclipse begins, cover the place of worship in the house during the eclipse. After the eclipse, take a bath and clean the place of worship and sprinkle Ganga water. Pregnant women should be very careful and stay away from the sun full day as it may affect the infant.

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