Sparsh is a movie starring Naseeruddin shah and Shabana Azmi in lead roles and directed by Sai Paranjpye . A beautiful movie which depicts the life of a visually impaired person who is self made and do not like taking favors from normal people. Anyone who had seen the names of these two brilliant actors will realize then itself that surely its going to be a meaningful movie with a lesson to learn. This movie was released in 1980, though it was not a commercial hit but yes this movie got a national film award for best feature film in hindi.

Anirudh played by Naseeruddin Shah is the principal of a school for blind children, in the movie his character is portrayed as a man who is lonely and does not need help for most of his work. He meets Kavita played by Shabana Azmi in a part  and Anirudh comes to know that she is a classical singer.  He met her and told her that his school is looking for a music teacher and a volunteer who can read and teach handicrafts. Kavita who was widowed recently after three years of marriage ,she wanted to do something  so as to keep her mind away from her sorrows so she accepts the offer. Though she was asked to come to the school for just 2 days in a week but she liked the environment and started coming everyday .  She developed friendship with Anirudh, he also liked her presence. Their love blossomed and they decide to get engaged, both of them were happy but they s had some differences in their thoughts. Anirudh sometimes felt what Kavita was doing for him was just a compromise and once she enters his life, he would start becoming dependent on her for everything. As the days were advancing this thought of him became more and more firm, he did not want Kavita to regret her decisions so he decides to call off the engagement. When Anirudh told Kavita about his decision Kavita was confused because he refused to tell the reason behind taking this step, because for her this marriage was not a compromise rather it was a new beginning, it was  time to move on from the past sorrows and nevertheless she loved Anirudh but she accepts his decision.

Kavita continues to come to school and teach the students, she now had only one aim in her life that was to teach new skills to the students. She bought many new things and also discussed issues with Anirudh. Once when the entrance door of the school was shut as some cleaning process was going on inside, the students were asked to sit in the garden. As Kavita came she noticed that none of the students were reading books all were  wasting their time, so she asked a student that why isn’t he reading a book, so he told her that all books in the library has been read by him and his friends at least two or three times there are no new books that he could read. Kavita addressed this problem to Anirudh for that he reflected light to the very serious issue, though the number of books being published for normal people is enormous only 10-20% of those books are being converted to braille. He also said that only text books are converted to  braille script and not the fictional books, When Kavita listened to this she decided to convert fictional books to braille script . By this gesture of Kavita , Anirudh was really impressed. Then he gradually realizes his mistake and makes an attempt to sort things out with Kavita.

A simple movie which justifies with the name sparsh means touch and feel the inner soul.

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