It’s okay not to be okay !

We are all here in this pandemic, most of us are staying at homes. Keeping ourselves away from others for theirs as well as our well being. But staying so long at home results in mental illness as well. 

We go around and start living in new places, sometimes may be due to work or maybe any other reason. Being in a place with completely new people brings difficulties and lessons. There are many observations and analysis you make about people. Some people might have stuck in the place of their work. Staying out means you grow and become a better version of yourself and explore more. Your life becomes quick and fast. You try new things and make memories. But sometimes you just feel that things are not going well. It’s not just about being away from home but it can happen whether you are with your parents or with family things can make you upset.

 Breaking up with people can make you sad, failure in any field you work can make you upset at the end of a month when you are broke and don’t have a single penny to do buy what you want can make you sad. 

Materialistically, emotionally, physically, atmospherically things can get against you and can make you sad. You might not find things going well and you want to isolate yourself from this entire world, you would think that things are not at their best pace, and you are not worth anything.

Accept that you are sad!!

There are times when you feel happy about various things. There are times when small surprises can make you happy and you feel blessed for what is happening around. There are days when you just wake up feeling so fresh about things and you love the day for no reason because you woke up like this. You laugh and sing inside your head all day long and smile. 

And then there are days when you don’t want yourself to be bothered by many people and lay inside your bed for no reason. You feel fine physically but mentally you don’t feel much fresh and happy. 

•It’s okay if you don’t know

Sometimes you know the reason sometimes you just don’t. It’s okay to feel this way. It’s totally fine to feel upset about things. Every time you don’t need to have that smile on your face. It’s your body that accepts that you are sad. Moreover, accept that you can be sad. It’s okay to be sad. It’s normal to feel dejected and not to feel good for yourself. Accept that things went wrong, accept that you failed and you need to work hard. Days have nights and nights have days. Time heals everything. Don’t resist it. Live it and accept it.

•Once you accept it!

You conquer half of the battle just by accepting the fact that you are not happy and you need a break. Don’t just isolate yourself from this world. Don’t resist people and their presence. Think of things you didn’t do because of your work or you just forgot what you used to do. Do them. Get back to work that’s all you need to do. When you are happy, you celebrate but you never leave your work. The same is the case when you are sad. When you are sad just don’t stop working. Start working more. Make yourself busy. Make things go as they were and don’t leave your daily routine. Things will fall into their places give it some time. Have patience and enjoy the phase of your life. Its okay things will become good. 

•Don’t confuse it with depression!

Don’t confuse things with depression. Things might go wrong. But depression is a very large term. Being sad should not be misled with being depressed. Depression is medically proved diseases which can only be assured if taken the proper test and with doctor’s concern. Depression is a disorder which affects a person’s thoughts, behavior, tendencies, feeling, and sense of well-being. Depression is more likely a mental illness and it should not be taken lightly. 

How to be assured?

Let us compare this with having dengue, until and unless your doctor assures that you are suffering from it you just don’t consider that you re affected with it. Similarly, when you are not assured properly with what you are suffering from then you should not consider being in depression. It is a medical statement that should be used when checked properly. Just because you are sad is not necessary that you are depressed. Most of the people in the society and our surrounding have this misconception of being in depression is very common. But this is not true. You must never think like these rather consult a doctor if in doubt.

Best measures to overcome depression.

Sleep. Take proper sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early. Sleep for at most 6 hours daily. Proper sleep is a part of a healthy life and a better mood. This gives new energy to the body and freshens up the mind with new thoughts. It helps in stimulating our immune system as well as our emotional balance.  

Connect to nature and feel the beauty of it, admire it, and listen to what your body tells you. Find a park nearby and go for a walk. Keeping in mind that you need to have proper social distancing. It can be a morning walk or maybe an evening walk, totally depends on you. But try some quality time alone.

Listen to music that fills your heart with joy. Things will go well. Listen to your favorite music. 

Laugh and make people laugh. Laughing is good exercise. It regulates blood circulation, this results in the growth of oxygen in the blood which will make you feel good. You will feel good as your body starts feeling good. Accept, it is life and you need to enjoy every bit and admire it whether it is dark or sunshine. The worth of good times can only be felt by bad ones. God is great. He has plans. And he does things for a good reason.

Start doing yoga. It helps to maintain focus. You will get most of your answers while doing it. It helps to think correctly and maintains positivity in one’s life. 

Connect with your old friends. Remember old times when you all used to laugh around but then don’t make yourself sad by too much remembering those times, joking!!

Tell someone that you are sad. Tell them everything. Talk about your feelings and clear your mind. Let things come out. Talking to your loved ones bring a solution to your problem. Maybe they can bring new opportunities.

If failed consider it as an attempt towards success. Get back to life and work you are the star of your life.

Start writing or reading. This will help you to express without the fear of being judged by someone and you can be yourself.

And before you finish reading this just remember


Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try at least some of the measures to live and feel better. It’s your life, love yourself