What will be your reaction if I start my story with “once upon a time?”

Oh too old and boring it would be. If you ever listened too close to silence you might have heard the ringing between two adjacent words, “unspoken spells”.

Truth isn’t always the most exciting version of things or the best or the worst; it’s in between somewhere! Deserves to be heard and yet remains unspoken. In this chaotic story of mine

Wondering what does the theory say: Maybe it isn’t exactly about Chaos but a tiny little change in a big system that changes everything! Or maybe it’s just an illustration my mind giving to my heart preventing it from sinking deep down some yards!

Watching life closely, it seemed like no Matter what I did, I kept letting people down. And what does that feels like, it feels like nothing LIKE A DEEP, ENDLESS, ALWAYS BLANK NOTHING!

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