Class 12 boy handles bodies of coronavirus patients


The spread of Corona Virus has resulted in World-wide lockdown and India too has implemented lock down in all its states for last few months. This led to closing of the major industries like automobiles, infrastructure, tourism, manufacturing etc. which are biggest stakeholders of organized and unorganized sectors in India. Most of the people working in these sectors are daily age workers who do not have fixed income or benefits but solely relies on everyday wages. The closure of all these sectors has led to one of the biggest crisis which we will face in future. Here’s an article on class 12 boy handling bodies of coronavirus patients to earn living.


In a hunger for job to ease living, 12 class boy haunted a dangerous job of handling bodies of corona patients. A class 12 student, wants  to study medicine, to supply for his siblings’ school fees and his mother’s treatment he is doing this job. Chand Mohammad’s mother suffers from a thyroid disorder and needs her medicines urgently, but the family doesn’t have enough means for the treatment. They are barely making their ends for living . As his elder brother lost his job at a merchandise store in Krishna Nagar market during the lockdown. Chand Mohammad is from Seelampur in Northeast Delhi. He and his family has been surviving on ration provided by neighbors. And whatever his brother could earn doing odd jobs. 

Where Chand joined for work?

 A week ago, Chand joined a corporation as a sweeper at the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital in New Delhi. The job requires him to handle bodies of corona patients. The shift is from 12 noon to eight pm. He took this work after he got exhausted from all options to seek out work. Though this is a dangerous job, as he is at a better risk of getting engaged with the infection, but he want the work and earn. His family, including three sisters, two brothers and fogeys, is struggling for living. Right now, they had food and medicines for my mother. On many days, they cooked food only once. There’s an opportunity that they may fight the virus, but they cannot run away from hunger. Chand’s three sisters are still in school. He, himself is in 12 standard and have to pay the varsity fee. They need money to study. He hopes that his first salary will set things right to a particular extent. He read namaz before he exits his home for work. He even have faith within the almighty. God will look after  him and will surely show him the way. 

How he is handling bodies of coronavirus patients?

 Chand, who wants to study medicine, says But what bothers the youngster is that employees like him who are into high-risk jobs don’t get any insurance from the private companies employing them. “The most dangerous job within the world immediately handling bodies of corona patients  pays around Rs 17,000 per month. Every day, Chand handles around two to three bodies along side another sweeper. They are required to place the bodies inside the ambulance, take it to the crematorium and put it down on a stretcher once they reach the crematorium.They also have to remove all wearing the private protection equipment, which is extremely heavy. It limits movement and suffocates an individual. During this heat, one can finish up bathing in their own sweat. 

An incident he shared with media

 On Tuesday evening, Chand handled a body on his own. There was no helper with him, So, it took him a while. He gathered his breath at the top when he heard, a doctor saying the body had been lying within the mortuary for a month which nobody claimed it. Once he tried taking the body down from the ambulance, the duvet came off and a few liquid spilled on his thighs. As he is desperate to get some money, Chand has approached people giving money on low interest rates and he took his Aadhaar card and voter card, hoping to urge some money on low interest rates. His family is worried about his safety. Perhaps they also know that this is the only way for them to survive at the present. His parents inquire about his work daily. They pray for his safety. His mother cries tons daily, but he make her understand. Chand takes a shower as soon as he reaches home and keeps a distance from his family members. He is taking all precautions.For now, he would like some help in order that the family remains afloat. But we may never know what is in our destiny! 


 As this pandemic has made many people to suffer a lot. They are unable to have one time meal. Many don’t have money, they have migrated.We should help poor and needy as much as we can. This boy Chand Mohammad has to opt this job in which he is handling bodies of coronavirus patients. Just because he don’t have enough money he is doing this dangerous job.