Pros of mobile phones for students !

The device which you are holding right now in your hand for reading this article has changed the world. It is not only providing us with a calling facility but also something much more. Mobile phones have changed the pattern of study for students. The time when we found knowledge between the pages of books has gone now. The mobile phone has diversified the area of knowledge. In this article, we have enlisted some of the advantages of mobile phone for students.

Now let us discuss how the mobile phone has changed the lives of students. What are the advantages of the same.

  • Great source of knowledge

Whenever you got confused and you don’t get a clear idea of some topic, then at that time the mobile phone will be of great use for you. You can search for that particular topic and can get a mirror image of the topic. It also provides knowledge regarding similar topics.

  • Helps to be prompt and punctual 

The mobile phone helps in managing the data. You can manage and make notes regarding important things. Then you will not going to miss something really important. You can also set alarms with a title so that on time you get reminders for the things, that will help you to be punctual and be available on time for your things.

  • Helps in Navigation and Finding Place

Mobile phones now come with a feature known as GPS  which helps to track your location. It is very helpful for navigation purposes too. If sometimes student got stuck anywhere, at that time having a mobile phone in their hand will be bliss. They can use google map to know their exact location. Then they can inform their parents about their location and can easily reach to their places. You can also share your location with your parents so that they can know where you are.

  • Help in learning left topics

Sometimes the situation arises when students are not able to attend the classes. So if at that time teacher has taught something really important then what to do? There is nothing to worry about this. You can simply google out the topic and can get a full explanation for the same. And Yes one more thing there is not only one option or site for the topic, but there are many sites you can access according to your requirement for the same topic written by various experts.

  • Great source of entertainment

Whenever students feel bored or get tired of studying for hours and hours, at that time they can listen to their favourite music, or watch movies sitting at home itself in their mobile phone. This will help them to get rid of boredom and feel fresh. Students can also read novels or even listen to audible stories whenever they get the time or they need some relaxation. There are various apps available such as Kindle, Wattpad, Novel cat, Aldiko, etc. They can access to these apps easily. This will not only help them to overcome boredom but also help them in learning something new.

  • Introduce you to the various social media platform

Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and many more social media platforms are available now on play store where students can make their account and get connected to more number of peoples, friends, family members which are far away. They can post their activities and can see other activities too. They can also get the latest news of Hollywood, Bollywood, and their favourite celebrities.

  • Helps in Collecting proofs

Whenever students find something black lentils or they feel some types of exploitation done to them by a teacher such as when they think teacher do favouritism to students who are taking coachings from them, and not giving deserving marks to other students. Then, they can record this and show it to a higher authority and save themselves from favouritism. Or if they feel exploitation or being bullying from other students then they can record the incident and collect evidence regarding the matter in their mobile phones and can help in catching the culprit red-handed.

  • Provides Various Apps for learning

Nowadays, there are hundreds of learning apps available on mobile phones for every standard students. They can use them in free for learning, various courses are available which helps in their skill development. They can also use a mobile phone in time when they are not having books with them. So, they can use these apps to get their course-related topics cleared. This will also save their time to wait for the books.

  • Capture the moment

Students can capture their significant and sizzling moments in their mobile phones. Students who have an interest in photography, and purchasing any professional camera is not possible for them at that time they can use their mobile phones for their passion.

  • Helps in building a bright future

Mobile phones can be used in various ways and for various purposes by the students. But everything is useless until we use it for some useful purpose. There are various apps available such as LinkedIn, Internshala, freelancer, etc. Nowadays, world is on the way of digitalization. There are various types of jobs and internships available for students on these apps. They can grab them and add something useful to their CV and to their life as well.

  • Dictionary: Improve your Vocabulary

Carrying Huge dictionary everywhere with you is really a tough task. So, now they need of lifting it is over. The mobile phone provides you with various types of offline and online dictionary such as Oxford online and offline dictionary, V-Dictionary, Color Dict dictionary, Concise Oxford Dictionary by, where you can find the meaning of each and every word you are stuck at.

  • Storage of Data

The best use of the mobile phone is that you can store huge amount of data in it. Students who want to learn something new, they can download the matter and various pdfs, documents, about the same topic and they can even take notes from their friends and teacher through WhatsApp. This will prevent making any hard copies of the topic. You can even store data for a long time and even can keep it till you don’t want to erase it.

  • Easy Money Transfer

Mobile phones are primarily used for online transactions nowadays. People sitting at home can easily transfer and receive money to someone else in just some quick steps. Students who are living away from home can use these applications such as google pay, phone pay, pay pal, Paytm and many more to receive money from their parents to submit free or for their basic expenses.

  • Online Shopping

Students can use various online shopping apps such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, etc to get their desired and essential products at their doorsteps. This will save their time and they don’t have to roam here and there to grab things.Advertisements