Dark season 3 review

If you are going to watch season 3 then definitely my writing will not effect your watch because no one cares to read this since everyone will be busy watching it. If you didn’t watch DARK then my writing definitely make you watch it. May be everyone will read it after they complete the season because it’s DARK.

Only thing I didn’t have a clarity about it was, its name. Why Dark? Why this name? What’s so special about it? May be the name has a vital role to play. If they had a better name to keep, then it might have become popular too quick. Definitely it will become most loved series ever that earth has ever witnessed. But it takes time. None will know what is it about untill the last episode. Everytime we think that we knew something, we will be wrong soon enough. The moment we feel to have a clarity is temporary because the confusion enters to the play. Clarity on one thing is confusion of two things. The moment we gets clarity is the origin of confusion. Confusion is the beginning of clarity and clarity is the end of confusion. Both are in a parallel run and makes our mind to run with it. The screenplay makes us feel intresting and creates curiosity. The moment we witness something about a incident, the scene changes to some other time and makes us think about the unrevealed fact. The moment they try to reveal something is the moment they keep our brain work and shift the scene to some other thing. Everything we predict is just a prediction. Prediction never becomes a reality because reality is unpredictable. The show takes us to different worlds and creates a doubt on our real existence.

Are we, we? Are we living in the real world? Do People who are reading this belong to another world? Does my existence effect someother’s? Am I am? The series makes us to question about our own existence. It’s not from when, it’s from where? Do our future know us? May be my future me might have figured me. They might have found a way back to me and try to prevent the things that will happen and stops me becoming then me. Mistakes can be prevented if we knew what were the mistakes. But can we guarantee ourselves that new mistakes might never happen in that process? What if my new mistakes makes me to go back to my past again? Can we stop doing mistakes and make a perfect world? We can only undo the mistakes that happened and we can’t stop mistakes that will happen. We can only prevent the happened from happening again? The things done can only be undone but the things to be done can’t be stopped.

The existence of a perfect world is possible only in a world without mistakes. Can we spot a person in our world who never did a mistake. Mistakes happen for a reason and if mistakes never happened, then nothing can be learnt. Dark is about creating a perfect world where mistakes can be prevented from happening because those were already happened. Knowing what will happen and stopping it will change the destiny and try to create new problems and the world will not stop from doing what is to be done and people try to figure out a new way to solve those problems by preventing the problem to become a problem and solving it without the existence of the problem.

Happening will happen even knowing the happened. The series gives a wonderful message. It tells us to accept the consequences and try not to repeat it rather than preventing the happening. Try to live with mistakes and accept the mistakes, repeat the mistakes, do the mistakes. We can’t escape our fate. Done can’t be undone by knowing the consequences of done. The done will be done. The only thing that varies is the destiny, but not fate. Everything will be done if it has to be done. Nothing can stop it from happening.

We should not live in past and ruin our future by escaping the present.

Try to witness the future in present that happened in past.