Marriage vs live-in relationships

Whether we see marriage or live-in relationships, it’s the love that bring two person together. Some people wants to explore that love and their partner, compatibility with them, without marriage so their live-in relationships come into place.

Marriage is more legal and socially accepted form of relations between couples in India. There is a social validation present in marriages whereas in live-in relationships are on-going trend among the youth which gives them freedom to love with their partner, to understand them without the pressure of marriage.

In India, live-in relationships are highly cristicised as it is considered taboo if a male and female is living in a home without marriage and it also associated with the idea of virginity, which is considered violated if she engages in a physical relationship with a man before marriage. And those women are considered impure and they are not accepted as an idea bride in our society.

In contrast, a section of youth may not agree with the belief of the conservative society. According to them live-in relationship give them a sense of freedom. They don’t have to just be in a relation if they like it or not and don’t have to bear any pressure like marriage i.e., they meant to be together for lifetime. In live-in they stay and leave whenever they feel that their relationship is not working and they don’t have to seek for divorce, which is also considered as a taboo in many societies and is very time consuming and difficult process

But if the couple is in a marital relation then they try to make their relations last long and they work hard to understand each other, accept each other and try to adjust with each other which is somewhere needed in a relation to be successful whereas in live-in can be liberating at times. Apart from this marriages is very stable form of relationship, but in live-in, along with no restrictions there is more possibilities of instability and insecurity.

So, both have their own pros and cons but it is necessary for the society to accept both and they should respect the couples decision. Any of them shouldn’t work under any societal pressure. So, accept both live-in and marital relationships and let the couples explore love in their own ways.

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