Vitamin D tips for home, COVID Lockdown

At present Corona, the virus is continuing its spread across the world with more than four million confirmed cases in 188 countries. Many people have lost their lives so far because of this pandemic. This is moving like a jet- one that may yet crash on those least able to cope. The best way to boost our immunity is healthy eating practices which may play a main role in determining our overall health during this pandemic period. All vitamins play a huge part in helping us maintain homeostasis and better health. In the age of “the virus” and many other bugs that seek to injure us, our immune system is called upon to soldier up and defends its home.  Many of are unaware of what does vitamin D dowhat are the benefits of vitamin D and so on. So here is an article on Vitamin D tips for home and everywhere.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin, and the reason behind that nickname is that the primary source of vitamin D is the sun. Calcium and vitamin D should be combined to work correctly. Its primary functions are to protect and repair every bone structure which in return helps to grow immunity.

Vitamin D tips for home

Vitamin D is important. It acts differently than other vitamins. It acts like a hormone and every cell in your body has a receptor for Vitamin D. As it is an important component needed by our body we should start maintaining levels of vitamin D.


Vitamin D can be activated by respiratory epithelial cells. Metabolism is directly involved in the immunity response to respiratory viruses.

Food enriched with Vitamin D

  • Salmon, Tuna, or fatty fish.
  • Orange juice
  • Egg yolks
  • Mushrooms
  • A supplement of cod liver oil
  • Yoghurt
  • Shrimp
  • Sardines

Fortified Food Sources of Vitamin D

Though there are very few foods which naturally contain Vitamin D, fortified products like milk, cereals, yoghurt and orange juice are readily available to boost your daily dosage. Vitamin D tips for the home include all these enriched foods which are easily available at home.


There’s a big question in our heads that what are the supplements of vitamin D.

There’s no risk of your body making too much vitamin D from sun exposure, but always remember to cover up or protect your skin from sunburns. We are often told that if we don’t go a day call at the sun without sunscreen, we’ll eventually develop vitamin D deficiency, but that’s not gonna happen. Our bodies store vitamin D to such an extent, that you simply can go months without sun exposure in the least, and still not develop the deficiency. We surely get vitamin D through the exposure of our skin to short UV wavelengths (260-290), so blocking all UV seems to stop us from taking our daily vitamin D dosage right?

Well, actually no. which is because most folks don’t cover every inch of our exposed body with sunscreen. Maybe, we are really careful with our face, but are we that careful with the remaining of our body? Our ears, the rear of our neck, the rear of our knees? albeit we are at the start of the day, I don’t think most folks reapply on these areas throughout the day, so there’s no harm done, as far as vitamin D cares.

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Hair loss
  • Muscle and bone pain, Back pain
  • Getting sick often
  • Women, especially young, pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • Little exposure to sunlight
  • Darker skin tones
  • Depression and/or anxiety, mood swings
  • Hip, leg or pelvic stress fractures
  • Muscle pain or weakness
  • Bone pain and/or osteoporosis
  • Fatigue, general malaise


  • Creates strong bones and teeth
  • Prevents depression
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Reduces the risk of cancer (different forms) and heart disease
  • Boosts immune function prevents colds and influenza
  • Boosts weight loss goals by suppressing appetite


Our immune system performs the task of protecting us from both foreign and domestic invaders.

Vitamin D promotes immunity by increasing the absorption of calcium from our diet via small intestines. It stimulates osteoclast activity (osteoclasts are cells within the bones responsible for bone restoration).

The Centers for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM), states that low vitamin D serum levels are the results of acute respiratory infection rates.

We need our lungs to be healthy and able to work properly. I think now you are clear with all the reasons and importance of conscientiously take your vitamins, get enough sunlight, nutritious diet, rest and exercise and be as healthy as you can.


Consult a doctor for your health and supplements you take.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone being indoors, we need to very carefully, get outside, and get some vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D wards off depression and makes us happy. It also helps out immune systems, and various studies state that it can prevent flu.

However, we just can’t go out to a crowded park, or beach, and contribute to the pandemic. What we can do is go for walks in secluded places, go for walks early in the morning or at times when not many people are out. We can read in our back yards or front yard. We can do some gardening. Use a little sunscreen. Sunscreen can prevent skin cancer, and ageing your skin. Get outdoors anywhere, where there is not a bunch of people.

Acquire enough amount and start maintaining levels of vitamin D, with the help of our Vitamin D tips for home.