“Site of Unlimited Possibilities-If Humans Could Breathe Under Water?”

Adventures and new experiences have always fascinated humans, thus have been a part of our cultures as soon as we came to live on this planet. The moment from one place to another in search of water, food, climbing mountains and diving deep inside the sea and many more activities have been performed by humans since ages. We have been visiting under the sea quite frequently in search of seafood and new discoveries about aqua life. But we humans can’t breath under water, we can but not for quite a while. Thus we have developed such an artificial system for us to stay under water  and enjoy the peace and silence under it. 

But what could be the scenario if humans could easily breath inside water and require no artificial equipment for the same?  This could surely help us solve many if the problem which surely include:

  1. The availability of land to serve for the upcoming generation as per the rate of population growth.We could shift building of much needed infrastructure in and under water without difficulty to  breathe initially.
  2. It would allow our knowledge about the sea and creatures living in it to increase and wider the area and time to spend underwater. 
  3. It could help us remain fit and obesity would not be an issue in humans.
  4. Also provide the experience of swimming with other creatures like fish and dolphins.
  5.  it would help us make our underground construction possible.
  6.  This would lead us to generate much of the natural resources hidden under the sea and also bring up the possibilities of discoveries if some new elements.
  7.  This would surely help these resources to be safe from the waste we humans throw in it as we would be able to  notice it more closely and no one would like to be surrounded with waste and unhygienic components.
  8.  New adventures of under water sea through  water subway would be possible and we could travel to vast distances which are hidden from us. 

It seems much of a great adventure and easy but on a serious note it is not that easy. If we were able to breathe underwater, still our body is not meant for that. Sea and ocean water could be  much colder and also as we go down and down, this would surely lead us to Hypothermia which is a condition when our body loses much of heat than it can produce, thus slowly our body organs would fail to work and thus could even cause death . Also our eyes are not much adapted to see cleaner under water. If we do buy glasses, it does not provide much if clearity. Also as we go down, the brightness goes on decreasing, which is not a great sign, since our eyes are not so much adaptive to create visible prints of objects under water, thus we wouldn’t be able to see much. We would not be able to talk, for obvious reasons which would definitely have an effect on our vocals thus frequent visits to sea would make them weak. 

It all seems a dream until it turns into reality. Maybe in the future we will be able to develop systems that would enable us to breathe underwater and thus construct much of our needs under them with water not entering the building and harming humans. Maybe we could genetically evolve, which thus brings us the opportunity to behave like reptiles and be able to control our breath for much period of time. Future is full of new possibilities and these possibilities for humans to stay and perform activities under water would definitely be a change maker and would help us to understand our earth closely by looking at its resources hidden deep under the sea, pure and untouched.