Best Fantasy movies of all Time

Our Best fantasy movies of all time include Hollywood and Bollywood both. Creating fascinating worlds and outstanding characters features plenty of appeals. It can’t just be a substituted version of our reality. Think more sword and sorcerer, as against different dimension. Fantasy movies are full of magical elements, myth, wonder, escapism, and thus the extraordinary. Humans are depicted as different races like goblins etc.

Everyone thinks fantasy stories are a bit like the Lord of the Rings or Harry potter. Fantasy may be a component of our lifestyle. Fantasy takes us away from our monotonous lives and allows us to enjoy adventure and spectacle, and to imagine a much better world. Movies usually do the same.

Here are some powerful heroic fantasy movies, perhaps the best fantasy movies we will ever see in all of our life time.

Godzilla: King of Monsters

The story follows the valiant efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch.  Its members face off against a cell of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla. Godzilla strikes with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. This is one of the best fantasy movies one should watch.

The Head Hunter

The head hunter is one film on this list that screams fantasy. The premise is simple: an individual (Christopher Rygh) who hunts monsters and takes their heads as trophies. He went in search to kill the one that took his daughter’s life. The highest Hunter has all the quality elements required of a fantasy film. There’s an excellent quest on horseback in medieval armour. In inclusion, actual -like monsters abound. Though it can lack unique elements it visuals made it fantastic.

Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t devour as Marvel’s breakout comedy star when he was the first cast as Thor, God of Thunder. But he clothed to be one of the only things about this never-ending mega-franchise. He’s tall, brawny and impossibly handsome, but there’s a self-mocking sparkle in his eye. We would love to include his movie in the list of best fantasy movies of all time.

Hemsworth’s wry toughness evokes the young Sean Connery as Bond, raising an eyebrow at the corniness around him. When he bumbles and stumbles, there’s slight of Grant to his discomfort. And when he’s playing things more or less straight, there’s mean gayness to his reactions. All this humanizes an actor who’s perpetually in peril of being treated as a life-sized action figure.

Kong: Skull Island

Bill Randa joins forces with a map-surveying mission to travel to an uncharted island in Southeast Asia. They’re amid a military escort, courtesy of Lt. Col. Preston and his intrepid helicopter brigade. Along with the soldiers, surveyors, and geologists, like Victor Nieves, who have no idea what they’re certain when the island seems to be home to all or any or any sorts of giant, flesh-eating creatures. And a humongous ape, aka Kong, is at the very best of the natural phenomenon. When the

Helicopters reach and start dropping bombs, Kong takes them out, killing much of the expedition and stranding the rest of them. Soon the crew is split; with Packard assail getting vengeance, while Conrad and Weaver encounter Marlow, an American pilot who’s been surviving among the island’s native people since WWII. Marlow explains that Kong is that the king and guardian of the island which it’s the slithering underground creatures that are the important danger.


PK is that the maximum amount a philosophy as a movie. It takes the unique alien theme, tells the story equally from the lonely alien’s eyes – sometimes, evoking the gorgeous story the tiny Prince – as from his human narrator’s. Starting with the alien’s desperation, PK apprehends the fears and falsehoods that humans weave around faith. PK got baffled when PK decides to wish for his remote, He was not aware of whom he should ask for help.

PK features brave scenes – money extracted at temples, coconuts offered in confusion at a church, god-men dispensing tortuous advice – and powerful lines, including a Muslim girl, bravely asserting, “Itna chota nahin ho sakta hamara Khuda, ki use hamare school jaane pe aitraaz ho”.Capturing faith scrounged into hate, PK’s sterling message, directed sensitively, stands out.


Although this film isn’t truly high fantasy one, there are enough fantastical elements within the story to preserve its inclusion on this list. Although the earth is full-clad tolerably, during this case it’s the characters that make it stand out. Besides the fact that it introduced mainstream audiences to the person without fear, the chemistry between Cox and Danes is one of the things that holds the film together. But, no matter how you slice it, fallen stars, evil witches, dead brothers, and a cross-dressing pirate bring a wickedly blast.

Black Panther

Black Panther would always be the best-looking Marvel movie yet. Supersaturated with vivid futurism and as bold and riotous as a rack of dashiki print shirts. I think that what makes a superb movie, regardless of genre, isn’t necessarily the action, or how the actors look, but character and this movie delivers. T’Challa was an amazing protagonist with relate-ability and likability that stayed consistent in war. I liked  T’Challa’s sister and his ex-girlfriend. Killmonger, the villain of the film, deserves credit for his sympathy for others of his race who’ve suffered discrimination from Europeans through history up to the present. He is one of the reasons we were forced to include this movie in the best fantasy movies of all-time list.