The First Recorded Solar Eclipse of the World

Coming across through the phone calendar, I received a notification from “” site. I saw that the year was 512 CE when an ancient Irish monastic chronicler recorded a solar eclipse.

The notification

However,in the records of history it’s not a child’s play to detect about the very first solar eclipse that occured in the world but it’s believed that the ancient Irish scholars were the first to document about a solar eclipse. 

And no doubt, the Irish have a long history with eclipses. Images of the first recorded eclipse were carved into stone cairns at Loughcrew in Meath over 5,000 years ago, but one of the first eclipses, of the common era, was also recorded in Ireland, by an Irish monk on 29 June 512 CE in the Chronicle of Ireland. This reflects that they had knowledge about eclipses, astronomy, illustration as well as documentation.

Loughcrew Stone Cairns, County Meath, Ireland
Drombeg Stone Circle, County Cork, Ireland


The ancient Irish have carved images of an ancient eclipse on giant stones over 5,000 years ago. The exact date has been researched as November 30, 3340 BCE,which is the oldest known recorded solar eclipse till this date.

The engravings are found in the Stone Age “Cairn L” at Loughcrew, in County Meath. “Cairn L” has been mentioned in Astronomy Ireland’s article as “Irish Recorded Oldest Known Eclipse 5,355 Years Ago.” They said that the ancient Irish priests recorded the events on three stones relating to the eclipse.

Representation of the solar eclipse. Look at the work as to how, but using concentric circles, the ancient Irish scholars tried their best to depict an eclipse.

This is amazing to claim that without the use of modern technologies, the ancient Irish constructed these complex structures and they built them with such accuracy that these structures continue to excel their performance in astronomical functions till this date.

Thus in these ways, we can figure out the fact that the ancient Irish chroniclers were the ones who excelled in the creation of the accurate illustrations of the solar eclipses, providing us a proper documentation of the same.

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