The increasing trend of old age homes….

It is considered that taking care of the parents is the moral duty of the children. But in modern day the number and trend of old age homes are increasing day by day, which is not a good development.

Parents, who bring us to this world, who educated us, always tried their best to fulfill our dreams and demands, who always tried to keep us happy, made us what we are today, how can we simply leave them.

There are different reasons which lead to this rise in number of old age homes. The main reason is that people migrate from village to cities in order to get good education and jobs. It is easy for them to adjust in the new environment of cities but their parents don’t come with them because of the sentiments attached with that place. And when they don’t able to take care of them by themselves they have to take the shelter in the old age homes. The other reasons could be, some people don’t want to take care of their old parents who are suffering from chronic diseases and old parents who loose their motor functions due to old age, as they need intense care and their children started treating them as a burden and send them in old age homes.

Some send their parents to old age homes after marriage as their daughter-in-law want just to live with her husband and don’t want their in-laws to interfere in their life.

I know there are many other different reasons for this rising trend of old age homes, but we forgot one thing. As our parents grew old the same care and love they want as we wanted in our childhood from our parents. If then, they had simply leaved us like we are leaving them, because at that time surely they also had their social and personal life to live, then what do you think we were at the same place as we are now. Definitely not. It is because for them we are not a choice, we are their priority so why they are not our priority. It is true that we are busy in our life and if your parents are not well and if you don’t have the full time to spend time with them, hire them a nurse, spend time with them when you are free. They will feel better.

So love your parents as they have loved you or loving you. They need proper love, care and support as same you needed in your childhood which is possible in the home only. Always remember that they are your parents and it is your duty to takr care of them. So try to make them your priority,and not to make old age homes, a trend.

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