Apple launch watchos7 for apple watch with new handwashing feature which was in development years before COVID-19

Last week at its annual Worldwide Developer conference apple UNVEILED the watchos7 for apple watches. The updated version of the software that will power the apple watch which is good news for all the devoted user of Apple smartwatch series. Apple has added a number of feature. One of the Apple latest update has added a hand wash detector feature to motivate the user to wash their hands properly for 20 seconds amid COVID-19. Washing hands will help to avoid coronavirus transmission that has allegedly stop the world.

In Watcheos 7 apple has added the number of features like sleep tracker, handwashing, new workouts- Apple has added dance, strength functional health workouts in the list, face watches, noise app and many more. Sadly all the features will be compatible with only Apple smartwatch series 3 or later and some features are only compatible with Apple watch series 5. In the time of global crisis, the WHO guidelines focus on the handwashing for about 20 seconds to avoid COVID transmission so many of you might think that due to coronavirus the feature has developed overnight but Apple was working on the handwash feature for years before COVID-19. Apple Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology told that it hand wash detector feature is “years of work”. The apple watch feature is really important these days amid coronavirus. Apple interpreted the handwashing feature as a ‘first-of-its-kind invention for a wearable’ technology that will also merge with the Health app on the iPhone.Even the watch reminds you to hand wash when the user comes back home told by Apple officials at the Worldwide Developer conference 2020 held last week.

The hand wash detector is designed to starts the timer of 20 seconds automatically detecting the user is handwashing. The watch uses the accelerometer which detects the specific handwashing pattern to record whether the user is scrubbing properly or not for 20 seconds, adopting different method using machine learning. If the user doesn’t wash your hands for 20-second, the Apple Watch will poke the wrist, motivating the user to wash hands properly. Along with this, it listens to the sound of the running water. But that’s not enough since eco-sinks have gain wide popularity and ultimately the sound of the tapping water is less and in last it takes care of the sound of squishing soap. The device got an audio signature to confirm that the user has hand-washed. Apple take logs of how many times user wash the hands in the health app. This is not the first kind of smartwatch having this feature. Earlier, Samsung has launched the Galaxy watched app having this feature but user have to manually start the timer. That’s why the apple watch will jump with a big bang in the market.

The feature has contributed to the COVID-19 related initiatives from Apple. The Apple funded $10 million to quickly scale COVID-19 sample collection kit production and the company has donated masks and been a great player in contact trace initiative.

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