How can you learn a new language for free?

Who doesn’t wish to learn a new language, and be acquainted with the cultures and history related to the language? To discover an entirely new language requires a lot of hard work, patience, and effort. But, it might cost a hefty amount to join a foreign language course. Hence, here is a detailed list of ways you can follow to learn a foreign language, and that too, for free.

List of ways to learn a foreign language

There are several ways to learn a foreign language for free, and that’s why, here is a list of online apps through which you can sit at home, learn a language in detail, and at your own pace.

  • Duolingo: One of the most popular apps, to learn a foreign language, is none other than Duolingo. The app has multiple languages from which you can easily choose any number of languages you wish to learn. You would get the entire lesson for free. You can start with the beginner’s stage, or you can take an online test, and if you pass, you will get a chance to start from the advanced level.
  • Livemocha: Through Livemocha, you can learn 35 languages for free, but it also allows you to connect with people across the globe, and practice the language with the native speakers. In this way, you would know more about the language, culture, and make new friends.
  • Busuu: The app is known to have a wide range of users. The most beautiful way to learn an entirely new language is through communication with one another. You would be able to learn a foreign language. With more than 50 million users, you are going to learn the language in detail.
  • Mango Languages: One reason which makes Mango unique from the other applications is you can easily access it through the website as well as download the app. Mango has more than 60 languages, and with so many choices, you would be able to learn as many as you want, for free.
  • Surface Languages: If you wish to learn the basics of a language, and that, in a quicker way, Surface is the best app for you. It uses various methods to help you understand the basics of the new language, and is really helpful if you wish to learn it fast.

Hence, through the above-mentioned online applications, it would be extremely convenient for you to learn a new language, and not spend a lot of money on regular courses. In this way, you would be able to learn the language according to your schedule and not miss any lectures. Also, the applications provide you with various methods to make it easier for you to know about a new language better. Moreover, at the time of the pandemic, it is better to learn a language by staying at home, rather than looking for regular classroom lessons. So, what are you waiting for? Go, download the app, choose the language you want to learn, and tick off this wish from your bucket list.

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