Management is not only a term but a whole process of getting things done more effectively. In managing things, we aim to achieve our goals more effectively and efficiently. Management is very essential for all the organizations, whether small or big, profit or non-profit. Every type of organization requires management in achieving their goals more successfully. Lack of management makes the things confusing and thus company may fall or lack as compared to other companies of their competition. Management is a group or team work and cannot be actually achieved by a single individual.
Management has several advantages and importance in an organization such as –
• It actually helps in achieving group or team goals.
• It helps in increasing efficiency of work.
• It actually creates a dynamic organization.
• Despite of group, it also helps in achieving the personal goals or it can be said that it develops the personality of the individual.
• It also helps in the development of the society by the interaction of different people.
The complete definition of the management contains 3 essential terms –

  1. PROCESS i.e. management is a process requiring planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.
  2. EFFECTIVELY i.e. managing the task helps us complete the task more effectively and better than before.
  3. EFFICIENCY i.e. management increases the benefits and profits by the tasks than before.


  1. Management is a goal oriented process i.e. it does not go just like that. It is actually a goal oriented process. These goals are decided and stated before starting any project and there is no doubt in the fact that management helps us achieving our goals more efficiently and better than before.
  2. Management is all pervasive i.e. it has been observed and meant that management is a universal concept all types of organization, whether small or big, profit or non-profit has to apply some management rules to improve their organization’s standards.
  3. Management is multi-dimensional i.e. it is a kind of complex activity. It can be more understood by saying that a lot of things need to be managed in order to rum an organization. Management of work, people, and operations are the three main dimensions which need to be managed for effective working.
  4. Management is a continuous process i.e. it never stops. It is an ongoing process. It requires constantly solving the issues faced by the organization by managing its dimensions.
  5. Management is a group activity i.e. it is not the work of a single person rather it requires a group or team. Every member of the team has to work very effectively for the good results of the operation they are performing.
  6. Management is a dynamic function i.e. management allows the organization to better interact with the surrounding environment and to build better relations with other organizations so that they can help in need.
  7. Management is an intangible force i.e. it cannot be seen but its effect can be felt and seen in the betterment of the organization. The company works more happily, employees are more energetic when each and every work of the organization is managed properly.