Importance of Taking Breaks

We live in a busy world. From a five-year-old child to 60-year-old grown man or woman everyone has their day full of tasks to do. For a kid the tasks might be playing, doing homework or maybe doing some house chores. For adults it may be doing a job or business or helping the family or doing house chores etc. We all are busy because of which we often forget that it is important to relax and lay back. After a certain amount of time our body needs rest because it burns out all the energy for the day. Just like our body, the brain also needs time to recover, relax and feel fresh every day. But due to our lifestyles we often ignore these important aspects to health. We often stay up late working or doing some other stuff, we skip our meals and we overwork our body as well as our mind. This not only stresses out but also decreases our work efficiency and brain capacity which further results in lower productivity and more time consuming. The ideal work frequency is working for 1 hour and then taking a break for 15 minutes. This method keeps on productivity and efficiency the highest and the breaks help us relax and maintain that level of productivity and focus. There are many ways to relax and all of them will help you blow some steam and give your mind some space. 

Here are some great ways to relax for a certain amount of time after working:

  • Music- Music is one of the best mood lifters to exist. After working for a certain amount of time one can listen to their favourite playlist and instantly start to feel relaxed and less stressful. Having a nice tune on music running in the background while someone is working also proved to cause less stress and laziness in a person. 
  • Chatting or talking to someone- This can be extremely beneficial and is indeed a great stress reliever. When we talk to someone we like, we feel relaxed and we instantly feel energised and it also helps uplift our mood. With the help of today’s technology we don’t even have to be physically present to talk to someone. One can just pick up the phone and call up their friends or text someone and have a nice relaxed chat which will help them not get worn out and continue to be focused. One can ring up or text their family, friends, siblings etc and spend some time with them as a break. 
  • Movies- Movies are a great way to pass time as well as release tension and stress. One gets so involved in a movie that he or she forgets about all the tensions and worries they might have in their lives at the moment. Movies  are sometimes time-consuming but after a long session of continuous work. A light-hearted movie of comedy or drama genre will greatly influence the mindset of a person. 

Try these. The next time you sit down to work for an extended period of time. Take frequent breaks and work more efficiently than you ever have worked before.