Say ‘NO’ to Toxic Relationship

“Someone can love you and still do things to disrespect you. But when Someone truly respects you, they won’t do things that they know will hurt you.”

Relationships are not always beautiful; many people face several issues in their everyday lives with their partners. But, there is a considerable difference between arguments and toxicity. To understand whether you are in a toxic relationship, here are a few points you want to look through. It never is easy to accept the fact that your partner might be toxic to you. So, read through the signs given below, and if they match with your situation, you need to say “NO” and get out of the toxic relationship.

Signs to know if you are in a toxic relationship:

  • Increase of mental stress: If you experience an increase in your mental stress, whenever your partner is around, you definitely need to get out of this relationship.
  • Presence of violence: If you go through regular physical abuse, in your relationship, you are definitely in a toxic relationship. 
  • Frequent judgment: If you are always judged by your partner, for each and every action, be assured your relationship is definitely poisonous.
  • Narcissistic partner: If your partner is full of narcissism, and is more in love with themself, and has no time to spend in the relationship, you are definitely in a toxic relationship.
  • No interaction: If you and your partner lack communication and spend most of the time in awkward silences, or worse, on your mobile phones while being in the same room, you definitely need to rethink your relationship.
  • Avoiding each other: If you both tend to avoid each other’s presence and feel much happier when the other person isn’t around, you both have to move out of the relationship as soon as possible.
  • Immensely controlling habit: If your partner is hugely insecure and needs to control you to feel secure, you have to realize that this is not a healthy habit, and hence, leave the toxic relationship behind.
  • Cheating on you: If your partner cheats on you, and betrays you often, you need to come out of the relationship, and never look back. Don’t doubt your worth, because the other person didn’t realize your value.
  • Makes you feel unworthy: If your partner makes you feel less, or undeserving, you need to end the relationship with them, right then and there, because that would be the beginning of you doubting your self-worth, which leads to the poor mental condition later.

Staying single is much better than living in a toxic relationship. Most of the time, toxicity leads to depression. It becomes immensely hard to get the bad feeling out of the system once you are filled with self-doubt and lack of confidence. You need to put an end to toxicity, for your own benefit, to keep your self free from stress and physical hurt. Keep in mind that you need to report about your partner, if you go through physical harm, and take legal action against them. Don’t be afraid that you won’t experience love anymore. Trust me, one day, you would meet the person who would love you, and never even dream of hurting you in any way. All you need to do is work on yourself and wait for the right person!