Internalized Misogyny: A Gradual Killer


Misogyny is one of the fundamental conceptions that plays a huge role in contributing to the breeding ground of patriarchy. In simple words, misogyny can be described to be an approach that involves degrading women in every possible way. The concept of misogyny is an intense one and it takes a long period of time for an individual to develop a misogynistic approach and then eventually reflect it to their behavior. No one takes birth as a misogynist. It’s our environment and the people residing in it which plays the most significant role in imposing their thought process upon these individuals since their childhood.

Since the beginning boys are taught that they deserve to be treated differently than girls as if they had taken birth with some sort of special quality along with them. They learn as they experience and watch certain people around them. They see people treating girls differently since their childhood and learn to reflect those approaches in their behavior as well.
Since childhood both the genders happen to be exposed to the preconceived stereotypical binaries that exist in our society and it goes on to affect both the genders in a huge way. Girls learn have an inferior attitude just because they are not boys and vice versa.

The concept of out society is extremely flawed. It enables people to cherish flawed attitudes for centuries without anyone ever questioning it for the negative repercussions it causes. Misogyny in an extremely harmful approach and a dangerous mindset that is imposed upon every individual which ultimately affects the society and the world in a microcosmic level. It is a dialectical process of how an individual ends up developing misogynistic behaviors as part of his characteristics and moves on to influence their next generation and other people around them as well.

Misogyny does not only confine itself into being a mindset that teaches to portray women in a less privileged sphere but it also contributes to the toxic rape culture. Molesters and rapists do not engage in such heinous crimes in a fraction of second. It takes a long time for their minds to adopt the toxic misogynistic and sexist culture along with other toxic character traits.
Women also play an important role in imposing a sense of preconceived misogyny towards children and the youth for they have been treated the same way and they have been given the same lessons by their elders as they teach them to the next generation.

Misogyny helps in the formation of an extremely toxic culture that not only teaches people to have hatred for women but also for transgenders, bisexuals and homosexuals as well. It teaches people to have and cherish a superior attitude and mindset that goes beyond all the moral and ethical standards of human existence and therefore it goes on oppressing everyone who dares to be different from what they are.

However, the only way that can make the situation better is the process of unlearning. We have to unlearn our previous set of stereotypes that teach nothing but misogynistic toxicity in order to bring a better tomorrow for us along with the upcoming generations.

-Suvasree Bandyopadhyay

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