“Where Did Indians Got Wrong Building Their Education System?”

Education has been seen as an integral part of our life so as to bring out better understanding of different aspects we see in our day to day routine, earn higher, provide helping hand in countries growth by improving the economy and earn respect in the society. People consider a highly qualified man as an intelligent, trustworthy and wise, and whom they can consult their problem and expect better and right solutions.Countries have grown on the basis of their intellectual minds bringing up new ideas and converting them into reality. Advancement in science and technologies have improved standard of living and brought ease to the life of people around the globe. Thus education helped to fight poverty, as well as create a platform to create a better and superior modern society. 

Considering education, India is one of the biggest markets for it, where every year lakhs of people graduate as well as complete their higher secondary education. India is the youngest country around the globe with the average age of its citizens to be 27 years, which does give India  a potential to be developed and grow as a powerful nation. But ground reality is a bit different.Indian Education has been questioned for a few decades and the question is the quality of this system and its age old teaching techniques. The techniques we usually see in our education system have not been transformed much since the times of british or even before. Wedo follow most Britishers’ techniques in studies. Those techniques focused to be within the boundaries and not exceed them as they wanted us to learn the basics so as to be more efficient to work under them and not revolt. They wanted to keep our thinking abilities and skills limited and that’s exactly what this education is still continuing to do so

  1. Students are taught to learn whatever the material resides in their books and no further motivation is provided to go beyond that knowledge.
  2. Teachers mark students on the basis of their memorizing the facts instead of learning them.
  3. That’s the reason most of us forget these as soon as we pass the class. While in other countries most of these systems have changed both in their school as well as colleges.Most of them have transformed to provide better learning and understanding of concepts through increased case studies, projects  and other learning along with their usual lecture. While in India we still lack most of our practical knowledge and rather invest most of our time memorizing them. 
  4. Students in other countries are given the freedom to think beyond their lectures and bring up  new ideas while in idea we are taught the same old subjects, old case studies and old syllabus

That’s the reason why most of the students remain unemployed even after getting better degrees and marks as they lack basic and important skills. We do lack thinking ability, that is the reason why we do see new startups around the world and we work for them, while we do have startups but missing unique ideas.We should be fighting for our coming generation so as to Improve these age old techniques of teaching where only marks are appreciated and not the skills or talent that. We have to bring back the culture of thinking and sharing ideas and developing skills at an early age so as to make our country “men more efficient  at work, no more unemployed, increasing literacy rate not by filling minds but with proper brain up minds with better thoughts and skills, better job opportunities and better standard of living.”