The crumbling sound of new shopping bags,  the moment when you discover that one dress or trinket that you absolutely must own are some simple joys of shopping, glittering, line between those who shop for utility, and the more amazing kind that are shopaholics. So if you’ve crossed that line and come over, and are looking for a change from your own city then there are a numerous place for shopping in India.

If you have to choose one place in India to shop at for everything traditional and ethnic, it has to be Jaipur. Mirror Work, tie and dyes, exuberant embroideries and just so much color,break for amazing street food and you are set. Maybe even buy some traditional puppets. Jaipur is undoubtedly one of the best shopping places in India.When you are done pampering yourself, also hoard some beautiful, and mostly hand-painted and natural color printed home decor goodies, from cushions, bed sheets to rajaais.

While the Pashmina Shawls and Silk Carpets and just a handful of saffron are going to cost you a pretty big sum, you can be assured that these three are Kashmir’s absolute favourites and worth all the money. And don’t forget to hoard Paper mache boxes and handicrafts for family and friends too.

If there is one place where you get the best of both traditional, ethnic and contemporary as well as budget street shopping and splurging designer labels, it is Delhi. The sheer variety on this city’s list is amazing and this makes it one of the best place to buy clothes in India. Don’t miss Sarojini Nagar and lajpat nagar if you are interested street shopping and clothing (sometimes even top brands) and jewellery on a budget. 

You just don’t leave Chennai without a bright Kanchipuram Sari. Even if you don’t wear saris too often, a fine silk sari is essential, and if you are looking for a special one, it doesn’t get better than this.Do visit Pondy Bazaar and maybe grab a bite at Anna Salai in between. Express Avenue and Phoenix Market  City are some popular malls for shopping in India.

While Ahmedabad may not have the most happening shopping scene, it does offer some of the best options for ethnic wear in North India. Step out proudly with a colourful and glittering ghagra cholis.

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