Pen pals

Have you ever thought of sharing your opinions and views to an unknown person. In this present world sharing any information with an unknown person is nothing less than inviting a trouble, but there was a time when people used to share their opinions, emotions or feelings to an unknown person. This was accomplished by writing letters. One used to write letters to those whose name, gender , age, caste etc were not known. The only thing they knew was address. This was the most exciting thing youths of those days used to do. By this they also made friends of their own choice. The friends made are called Pen friends or pen pals.

This practice started from the early 70s and prevailed as a trend for almost 2 decades. Those days there used to be a column in the newspaper, which had the addresses of those people who were interested in having a pen pal. From late 80s people started having pen friends from foreign countries too. Many people were really interested in reading different views and opinions so they had many pen friends. This practice also helped in gaining the knowledge of things happening in other places. Just imagine how different it is to know people like that, you know make friends with people you don’t know and it is your choice to carry it on or to end it.

In late 90s computers were made accessible and Electronic mail came in and started spreading its magic throughout the world. The ritual of handwritten letters were vanishing. Then mobiles made communication more efficient because of which writing letters to even the loved ones were stopped completely.

Pen pal are the purest form of friendship, why not start the trend once again. Lets once again start writing letters to our relatives and friends who are far. You know writing letters is something so personnel, one invests time in it thinks a hundred times what to write and how to write. After scrambling tons of thoughts and papers (does not mean you waste paper, please do not waste paper) the last draft is ready , the anxiety of posting it and then waiting for the reply is another feeling. In this world where everything is fake let us make friendships real. When you friend receives the letter, they would feel you in the letter. When the read it in their mind it would be as if your voice is reading it, which would definitely give a feeling though for just sometime that you are around them narrating your story.

Really how did this wonderful tradition come to an end!!

let us not end it, let us find new friends once again, make Pen friends and lets keep up the friendship for life. Lets share each others happiness and sorrows so that we don’t feel alone and always be feel happy of having a friend somewhere who is always there to listen to our thoughts , opinions and problems and to show that we care about them. May be by doing this we can make a much happier world to live in.