The Bubonic plague

The Chinese Authorities on Sunday warned of a bubonic plague in inner Mongolia as it was suspected that people there are actually getting infected by the plague. Bubonic plague has happened in the past in Europe around Twelfth century, at that time it had killed Millions of people and due to the plague one third of the population of Europe was wiped out. It was then called the black death.

This is a rare but very serious bacterial disease caused by Yesinia Pestis a type bacteria, this disease can be spread by Rodents and infected fleas. When an infected flea bites you, the y pestis enters into your body and travels through the lymphatic system of your body and then starts to multiply itself in the lymph nodes. As lymph nodes are the perfect medium for them to replicate these nodes then becomes tense and inflamed and as these inflamed lymph nodes becomes sore and would eventually after some time become filled with Pus.

Any disease can be identified if we know the symptoms. Though the symptoms of this plague is not much different from other normal diseases but there are some symptoms which would  indicate that its this disease. The protrusion of lymph nodes which can be as big as chicken eggs, this protrusion can be in different parts of the body like groin, or under the armpits, this is the major symptom. There are also chances that one may have fever, chills, pain in the head, tiredness, some body pains which can be a symptom of this disease.

This disease is curable, as the medicine for this disease is developed. The time between exposure and the first symptom to  appear is twenty four hours. If checked in time it can be treated as the recovery rate is very high. This plague can take a serious turn if it reaches the lungs, when this happens it is called the pneumonic plague but it only happens to some people, because of this the mortality rate of this plague is increased by thirty percent if the pneumonic plague is not treated in time.

The transmission of this disease is just by the infected fleas, rodents , mice .Human to human transmission is rare but yes if a person develops Pneumonic plague then the transfer can happen by the the droplets of the sneeze or exchanging body fluids. If a person dies because of the Bubonic plague, the dead body of this person can actually infect the plague to his close relatives as the source of the infection is still active inside the body.

In the past the plague was treated by quarantines and self isolation , Antibiotics have been developed to treat plague. The disease can be treated if early diagnostics is taken and a person can be recovered.

WHO has put  guidelines about the plague in the website, which says that  from 2010 to 2014 there has been three thousand two hundred and forty eight cases where five hundred and twenty eight people died. So people should take strict prevention measures so as to stop the spread of this plague.

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