Meet ‘Bob-Cut’ Sengamalam: The Tamil Nadu elephant known for sporting most adorable hairstyle!!!!!

Meet ‘Bob-Cut’ Sengamalam: The Tamil Nadu elephant known sporting most adorable hairstyle

We all know that elephants are not only extremely intelligent but also share unique bond with us humans and recently, a picture of an elephant, fondly known as Bob-cut Sengamalam took the internet by storm for her eye-cathing hairstyle. A resident of the Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu’s Mannargudi, Sengamalam is no ordinary elephant as she has won a number of fans and admirers on social media by visitors to the temple.

According to Mannai Online, Sengamalam was brought to the Rajagopalaswamy Temple from Kerala in 2003.The mammal’s hair is maintained by mahout, S Rajagopal and takes a lot of time and patience.

Indian Forest Service officer (IFS) Sudha Ramen has posted a few pictures of the tusker.

Her post instantly went viral and people loved the beautiful and ‘fashionable’ elephant. Netizens also shared their personal experience with Sengamalam and expressed affection towards the elephant.

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