Heading for INTERVIEWS!


Many of us come up with a situation when we are uneasy or nervous before facing an interview. Considering an interview round as just an interaction strategy makes it much easier rather than considering it as a test session. However, the job interview generally comes before the hiring decision.

 The second you open up!

From opening up your mug till vote of thanks you are under consideration of the interviewers. Before communication starts, you are judged by your appearance. The way you are dressed, the way you walk, every gesture counts. Communication is known as the key asset while moving forward from college to the workplace. The moment you open and start a conversation, you start saying about yourself even without asking. The way you communicate, listen to everything clarifies your personality, whether you are capable of the job or not. Also, the ability to respond within the given duration is analyzed.

Interpersonal demonstrations like verbal expression, for example, pauses, pitch rate and nonverbal mode for example hand movements, smile, body direction are of high importance during an interview. 

Skills matter a lot but..

Yes, skills do matter a lot but before disclosing abilities, what we uncover is the way we speak. Even if you have adequate grades once you act lethargic and uninterested, the interviewers won’t lose a chance to give the opportunity to others. This eventually means everyone wants an active person both towards the profession and team. 

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. —Walt Disney

General traits like mental ability, personality, interest, goals, and values also affect the process of selection. Apart from communication experiential factors like training, education, and experience background also impact the productivity of an individual within an organization. 

How to prepare?

Proper outfit- Torn, threads coming out, wrinkled clothing can come across as not overlooking about the responsibility. Make sure clothes are properly ironed and look professional.

Manage your pitch- It’s really necessary that you do not sound too stinging. Neither too loud nor too quiet, just smooth.

Going through most asked questions- Studying the most asked questions and preparing with a friend with confidence can help you exceed.

No commonly used words- Avoid using common words, enhancing your vocabulary will add up extra points.


The inadequacy of proper planning for an interview is the biggest fault. Giving ample time for preparation is considered adequate. Furthermore, too much pre-planning is equally toxic. Answering ratified questions will make the interviewer know that you are just reciting your answers. 

Support given by nodding head is greatly beneficial. The interviewer considers their questions as tools and the key to these tools are the answers given by an interviewee. Sarcasm, comedy, and over-sharing should be avoided. 

Integrity and Interview

INTEGRITY- A crucial characteristic that employers look for in candidates during and after the hiring procedure. You need integrity and a strong moral dignity to connect with associates and clients. Employers want to hire candidates who not only have experience and skills but also have the ethical standing to represent their company in the best way they can.

Make the interviewer know the trustworthy, productive, and efficient side of your personality. 🙂

So buckle up and be confident!

Earn bucks, and stop being anxious