how to make an oreo shake

Oreo shake is something that everyone loves in summer, it is very easy to make and is delicious to eat. In this lock down period as we are confined in our houses and are unable to taste our favorite amul, cornetto or magnum ice creams , lets us make this at home, let us ring some of the creative bells inside us or simply get out of the comfort zone and surprise our parents and loved ones by making this.

It is really easy and requires very basic stuffs as the ingredients like chocolate syrups that are melted hot chocolates. Oreo cookies which are available in the markets you just have to divide them. One cup that means we require two hundred and fifty milli litres of milk and two cups of softened vanilla ice cream. W can make oreo milk shake using banana ice cream for that you just require two bananas extra from that of the ingredients of the simple oreo milk shake.

Firstly we will make oreo milkshake using ice cream for that you have to frees the glasses in the freezer for like fifteen minutes that is until it is mildly frost. Then spread the chocolate syrup inside the cup such that it touches all the part of the cup and then swirl it. So now put one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a mixer so that your milk shake is thick, the add milk to it. lastly add some oreo biscuits so that its chocolate and creamy taste can spread throughout the shake and now switch on the mixer. Now put this in the glass which you have frozen and swirled with the chocolate syrup. Now take some oreo biscuits and chop them until they become fine pieces, now put them on the milk shake as its toppings. See how easy it is to make it.

It is your choice to make banana oreo milk shake where the bananas are chopped and added to the mixer so that you can enjoy the taste of banana in it. You can also be creative by adding straw berries or other ice creams flavors like strawberry, chocolate , butter scotch and extra. It is very easy to make this so you can be creative s much as you want.

If you want to make your day special or the work from home routine has becoming tiring , just making this ( as you can see it is very easy to make and the time it takes is just five minutes) drinking the shake can be refreshing for you and can boost energy to do the work. If you are thinking about fitness means how much fat it would add then don’t be afraid it jus adds a hundred and twenty calories which you can loose by walking for just fifteen minutes. You should try making this at home and enjoy you summers with it also this may give you confidence to try out many other food items so that you can become a master chef till the lock down ends.

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