Stop Running and face it

Having to have isn’t having. Try hard to have what you want. Escaping is not a solution because everytime the only thing you do is keep running. Stop for a while if you wanna stop forever. The solution isn’t escaping, it’s facing it. Afraiding for a while is so much better than afraiding forever. Stop once and for all. Take it, if you have a chance to proove yourself then make it. Don’t fake it, try to make it. Till then keep on struggling.

Result is a process if struggling. Don’t be afraid because the life isn’t to be afraid of. There are n number of options. You may not live the life you wanted but you can live. At the end everyone lives. No one remembers our marks or our job because the people who had existed also should die. You live your life without fearing. Living your own life and fearing isn’t living. Face it, if you can’t try it, try it, try it. But don’t escape from it.

Giving a slap to the person isn’t a big deal. But the slap to the heart is much more stronger. Your success should wake them and make them sleepless. Remember everyone will have a day. The only thing you should do is keep on working. Struggle make struggling easy. Learn to struggle because it is what, at the end of the day keeps smile on our face. Beleive yourself, because it’s the least that you could do for yourself. Have a zeal and enthusiasm to push yourself and to make youself. Never be over confident else your confidence will be over.

Having a nice day isn’t so nice because there is nothing intresting about it. Having a day where you struggle and struggle to make your work done and the things you keep on doing will make you cross every obstacle possible and make you feel low is something that you never forget and the day will be remembered. Wish to have a such day because that is what makes you and make your day. Having comfortable life is so boring. Keeping struggle yourself makes you even struggle more and if any struggle comes in your way, it becomes easier for you to tackle. Reaching a position isn’t important but the way you reach makes your worth.

Start the stopped and stop the started if you don’t want to stop. Keep on doing, if you think you can’t, show that you can. Show yourself what you are capable of. Don’t underestimate yourself. You can push yourself whatever extent you can. The only thing that that you should do is believing yourself. Don’t hope for miracles, because hoping makes it expected. They all happen all of sudden. Keep pushing yourself in the struggle and keep on struggling because there’s no ending to it.