Benefits of being a Bibliophile

A bibliophile is someone who is a voracious reader of different types of books. Someone who considers themselves as a biblical should be able to read books of different genres by different authors without discrimination whatsoever. Bibliophiles have a better understanding of life and read more to know the perks of being a bibliophile.

1. Increases knowledge

The habit of reading books can help enhance one’s intellectual capabilities to look at things in different ways. People who have fascination towards reading books are more likely to be thoughtful and have better knowledge about things than others who seldom read books or do not read anything except what is prescribed to them. Reading books of different authors and of different genres can enhance one’s knowledge and they tend to be well informed about things which eventually enhances their self confidence in a huge way.

2. Makes you more empathetic

Reading various books can help one to have a better and vivid understanding of different things which helps them have a better ethical and moral value system. It boosts their intellectual power and helps them become more empathetic towards others around them. People often fail to realize the gravity of situations like war, pandemic, political disruptions and so on but if someone happens to read a few books on these subjects, they will definitely have a far better understanding of the situation as a whole. Therefore it can be said that the habit of reading books helps us have a macroeconomic understanding of the world.

3. Makes you tolerant

The habit of reading helps people to become more tolerant. It makes us understand and accept the fact that each individual has their own way of thinking and looking at things which is not necessarily similar to the other individuals. Reading helps us accept this fact that people will have different perspectives of looking at things and that is absolutely normal unless it hurts anyone’s feelings and sentiments. Literature, specifically plays a huge role in making us aware of the fact that no matter how diverse our world is we have to tolerant enough to let others express their view points without hesitation for every one is different and that is normal. There can never be a single definition of what “normal” is. It is something that books help us understand.

4. Stress management

Many do not realize it but reading can actually be one of the best excercises to take a break and relax after a whole day of monotonous work. Reading therefore can be a good relaxing experience for many who find solace in reading and it brings them peace and harmony. Considering the current situation of the world it is not hard to guess the hardships and difficulties each individual has to go through on a daily basis which leads to traumatic stressful situations. However, reading, specifically on a daily basis can actually end up being an exercise to reduce stress from our lives. It controls the anxiety level and maintains a healthy equilibrium that helps in having a better stress free lifestyle.

-Suvasree Bandyopadhyay

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