How can you improve your public speaking skills?

Many of us have this tendency to back off, when we are asked to speak in front of a crowd. We might be very confident with our topic and context, but something drags us back from going and delivering it. We think we are not capable of doing a public speech, but it’s the fear in us that puts us down. Can we overcome this fear? Are we really capable of doing a speech in front of a large audience? In fact, yes!

The main obstacle that comes in your way is none other than your fear. Now being scared is quite normal and fine as it can help you to prepare well in front of others. Being scared means, you have taken the speech as an important task and you don’t want to end it bad. That’s really a good sign. The problem appears when you start getting scared more than usual. This can adversely affect the way you speak and obviously it can lead your speech awful. So, lets overcome this fear with some of the tips which are mentioned below.

  1. Try speaking in front of your family/friends or even in front of a mirror. The main cause of the fear is that, you being aware that your performance is being watched by others. You have to make this fear as your confidence. The one way of doing it is, try to get used of having attention. Try speaking in front of people who you are really comfortable with. This can enhance your confidence and make you feel that you can do it. If you don’t feel comfortable in speaking in front of your beloved ones, use yourself as an audience in front of a mirror. This will help you get over the fear in you.
  2. Use eye contact. This is something all of us ignore if we are scared. We often look at walls or something else while we speak. But eye contact is very important in public speaking. It shows you are confident and genuine in your topic and yourself. Try looking all of the people as possible as you can, since it can create a feeling to the audience to really engage in your speech and remain attentive.
  3. Your physical appearance. When I say physical appearance I don’t mean you have to choose an expensive outfit and make up. But make sure you are dressed up in a neat and tidy way. Now this boosts your confidence in yourself. If people are not comfortable in the way they look, that never want other people to see them and this can prevent them from delivering an excellent speech. Because all they think and consider, will be their appearance.
  4. Stay positive. It is very important to remain positive and ignore the negative thoughts that pop up in your mind. People often overthink about the way they speak, the constant worry is that “what if i say something stupid?” or “what if I didn’t get the right word?” Never overthink like this. Make sure you know the topic well and present in the way as best as you can. Even if you make a mistake in the middle, don’t panic as it is completely okay to have mistakes because you are not a robot but a human. Kindly apologize your mistakes and go on with your speech.

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