Gamophobia: A Fear of Marriage or Commitment

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The decision is marriage is very crucial to take. Many people have the fear of taking responsibility. It may be a dream for one but also a nightmare for another. We come across many who used to say “I am scared if marriage”, “I am not ready for marriage” etc. But gamophobia is a fear of marriage which the person develops with time and some incidents also can fuel to grow the fear. “Gamos” means marriage or relationship or commitment. To this opposite, there is ‘Anuptaphobia’ which means the fear of being single. In gamophobia, one person likes or love another person, but when they come to see that the opposite person is also liking them back and attempting to be together, the person’s attitude might change to the other person they were liking. They might start to hate the person.

Reasons for the phobia

  • Growing up in an unhappy family and experiencing bad times in family can lead to fear of marriage.
  • If a person lives alone for a long time, anxiety triggers thinking of sharing the house with someone else, the person gets used to with the sort of life.
  • Living with a happy family sometimes the thought of the fear occurs that they won’t be able to achieve happiness as their parents did 
  • There are many certain and uncertain things lies. One might get scared to commit by thinking that what if it doesn’t work. In that case, there remains an option of divorce, but most of the time people can’t decide on divorce due to family pressures. So, the fear of not being able to come out is threatening.
  • The traditional practices of getting married might disturb some.

The ways of dealing with the fear

Each person faces the time of marriage and thinking about the same make them feel anxious. So, the fear also can be dealt with in the same way the other fears get handled. The resolution and the will power can help to deal with the problem.

To survive this problem, the person needs to trust others and shouldn’t possess any kind of selfishness to sharing things with others. Well regulated and orderly life is the keynote of personal success.

  • One should avoid the misunderstanding and should know themselves well.
  • Learn to share things with a partner 
  • Respect the individuality of your partner. Keep in mind that being committed doesn’t provide the disappearance of your self.
  • If you think that you can’t overcome the dear of getting married alone, you consult an expert for the same.

This problem is related to personality disorder and neuroses. Most of the phobias are socially created and found as a psychological disorder. Now not all person is ready to face their weakness and vulnerability and bad side. Continuous avoidance of the bad self or vulnerability is another sign of personality disorder. Gamophobia is not only the fear of marriage, it is fear of commitment. The reaction formation is also a neurotic defense. This is also known as the fear of commitment phobia.

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