6 Ways to Improve Concentration

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Concentration is very important to get success in different spheres of life. Concentration is a process of taking off your mind from other things and putting them on one. Many things around us distract us from doing the needful. Now let’s know about 10 ways to increase concentration 

Decide the thing on which you want to focus

Many times we remain unsure about the fact that on which we want to focus. Firstly decide on which you want to focus on. Fix your goal. It happens that we sit to do something important and end up doing something else. So, be careful and well structured about what you want to do.

Have coffee 

Caffeinated beverages can leave a positive impact on your concentration and lead you to stay focused. One has to take the beverages in moderation so that caffeine’s cognitive enhancing properties can get. But if one drinks too much of it can end up having anxieties, nervousness, etc.

Remove distractions 

When you start to do something different distractions come. To get rid of such problems, you can move to a quiet area and bring your concentration back. The closing door of your office room or your study room and telling others not to disturb you can help. Moreover, one of the most distracting tools is mobile. So, if you can turn all your notifications and programming apps off, it will help a lot.

Fuel yourself 

Hunger and anger are the deadened combination. People do mistakes when they are hangry. Try to balance healthy facts curbs, protein, and keep yourself fueled. Have snacks, veggies, and plenty of water to keep yourself full and hydrated accordingly. Don’t skip meals. Always keep yourself fueled so that your brain can stay focused and your energy level remains up always.

Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep with a week can leave a negative impact on your life. It can hamper your short and long term memory. For the aged 18-60 years 7 hours or lore, a night of night sleep is important. Older adults may need 9 hours per night. Avoid caffeinated beverages after lunch, keep the bedroom cool and quiet, read the book, or listen to music, switch off all electronic devices. These all might help to have a good sleep which consequently helps to bring better concentration.

Pomodoro technique

Work can be done quickly if one stays focus. But it is not easy to do. One can try the Pomodoro technique while wrestling with concentration. One can set a timer and get to work. If any notification comes to fix 5 mins to check, then get back to your work setting the alarm. Once you are done with all your work take a break of 25-30 mins.

There are many ways through which concentration can be increased. The setting goal, putting social media off, taking short mental vacations, making a list or work plan, etc. Even taking similar tasks can help to be concentrated, because most of the time jumping from one work to another doesn’t work well. One psychological report says multitasking can reduce productivity as much as 40 percent. So, it is important to follow some tricks to stay focused and get success.