Global Diplomacy: The United Nations.

  • The name “United Nations” appears true only in books but in reality it seems like a contest for nations to prove their dominance and power individually. The diplomacy comes off to be biased. The World today is owned by corporate and the UN follows through. The actual role of united nations should be to rise above the competition and work as ONE UNITED PLANET towards climate change, global pandemic, poverty and financial slavery.

Though it is non-arguable that UN has helped bring forward issues like Women Empowerment, Poverty, Health, Education, etc. on a global platform. The real question is, are these issues solved or they have been piled upon by newer issues day by day.

But on a positive note, the UN has made progress in its peace making strategies and providing financial and healthcare aids to the countries in need. If not for this organisation then there would have not been a diplomatic relationship between nations and war would be the ultimate solution to all inter-nation problems.

Just because a medicine has side-effects does not mean it cannot be used for treating the illness in hand. Similarly, it is easy for anybody to make war but only the united front can make peace and prosperity!

  • The UN came from the minds of some of the renowned politicians of the western countries. When the super power nations felt their security and peace was under threat they collaborated with like-minded ones against the equally powerful nations. Powerful only in military and vengeance and the greed to conquer. According to human psychology (basic), a man desires power more than water for thirst.

From all the glorifications I read about this organisation, UN rose from the ashes of the war like a phoenix bird. Very beautiful and powerful bird- a phoenix-their tears have healing powers. One can say that United Nations came into existence to act as the panacea to diseases like violence, death and fading humanity.

But is the origin really important to determine its worth in the present scenario is something to ponder upon. Today UN works for a cause which it was originally built upon; irrespective of its results, – promotion of peace with its symbol the white dove soaring high, its wings flapping, freeing itself from the shackles of slavery of power, money, greed and hate.

Born in times of desperate times it can be regarded as an invention by man in the time of dire need. As we all know – “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF ALL INVENTIONS!”

  • The UN Security Council consists of 5 permanent members and 10 temporary members all with a right to vote however only the permanent five have the right to veto. The word itself suggests that the council was made to resolve the security concerns of nations and to make peace among them.

 Today, the Council responds to three types of situations:

  • (1) chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons proliferation; (2) international conflict; and (3) intra-state conflict. More recently, the Council has also developed a (4) cross-cutting and (5) quasi-legislative agenda.

The above decisions and powers in the hands of the council sounds safe however it is not the situation in reality. There has to be an expansion of the members instead of giving all the authority in the hands of the few. This will help in avoidance of partiality or constant disagreement that has been happening since the council has been formed. Though it has never successfully managed to make any notable reforms , it is one of our best option to resolve the security threats and war like situations in many countries and their estranged borders.

  • Human rights are the rights we are all entitled to irrespective of the place of birth or the time of birth. The core of United Nations is built upon the protection and service towards human rights and its associated freedoms. However due to international politics and superpower nations greed to stay on top of others and world domination has endangered the human rights of developing and under developed nations. Human rights have become a selective freedom provided to only those who can afford it without any restrictions. In my country citizens think that they are not worthy of having human rights as they think only the rich and developed nations are fortunate enough to have human rights that too the basic one’s. In recent events of racism ad discrimination on the basis of colour and financial status, what is the united nations enforcing laws to stop the fights  to avail basic human rights. People have to come on streets and protest later developing into riots in order to practise their rights and enjoy the freedom of being born as a human on this planet.
  • The united nations in the past has failed in crisis management because of the disagreement between it’s member nations and security councils. Due to the interference of the security council the  situation was aggravated rather than being put out or quite down. Rather than focusing on the crisis at hand it focuses on the political relations of that country with the members of the united nations and then it takes the necessary actions that too not quick or decisive but slow and of poor quality. However by putting the past back the united nations can improve on its crisis management skills by being in constant touch with the country and states local administration and education people on a personal and more localised manner rather than representing it as a political agenda or foreign policy which puts the civilians in a mind-set of confusion and feeling of unsafe and non trustable environment.
  • Today a question arises on the future of the United Nations and will it still prevail in the modern world where people are becoming rather too aware and will want a more secular council, one which works one which provides solutions, one which is actually true to its purpose of being formed.
  • During the 2020 Global Pandemic the true face of UN is being put to test and how it acts now to maintain peace among nations will say a lot about its existence in the future or will it be left to be just pages in history textbooks.

Just wishing for once if we had leaders who cared about the upliftment of the entire nation and not just the name of their political agenda and parties. The world needs educated and selfless leaders and hopefully in the future with my generation in the front we will represent a better council than these old ways and barbaric wars.