Media Convergence

The construction of a high capacity network in the 1990\’s, called the internet, is emerging as delivery vehicle of choice for any and all media products. The technological basis called digital is distinctive. Message, whether text, audio, image or a combination are broken into millions of bits of data. The bits are transmitted one at a time over the internet, which has incredibly high capacity and speed, then reassembled for the reception at the other end. The process is almost instaneous for text, whose digital bits of data are small and easily accommodated. Audio and visual messages are also delivered in a same manner. A digitalization revolution, called media convergence, is in progress. 
Unique features of Media Convergence are-
  • Distribution
  • Devices
  • Distinctions
  • Production
  • Democratization
  • Compactness

Convergence of the various mass media, computers and telecommunication technologies now became possible, reaching its acme in the multi- media system, so common today for the transfer and exchange of information, data, graphics and sound. One could now watch films and video on computer screen, or surf internet on phone screen. One could also use the computer for sending and receiving fax messages, electronic mails, for surfing the internet and even using the Net phone for calling, television and video conferences. Digitalization was the key here, aided by miniaturization, satellite communication, digital compression, optical fibre and comparatively low-costs and user friendliness. 

In the recent years, with the advent of different applications, different requirements of livelihood has converged on the fingertips of an individual. One can shop, book an appointment, watch a movie, buy tickets, get admission, do online classes, buy groceries, make payments, do banking and lot other through their mobile smartphones or laptops. Thus with the emerging technological developments life will get even faster, much simpler and easier as well. 

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