Is this what we call a “Revolution”?

The world has been divided into groups, sub-groups in which the people are categorised by either caste or religion and now on the basis of colour also. All of this is a very abstract topic and we just can’t argue on this but can we at least not work like the society, can we just look everyone with the same mindset, treat them equally, respect them equally. Our society has been ruled and judged by the superiors and is still being judged by our so called politicians who have manipulated the minds of the people and have turned off the ‘Humanity’ mode in them.

Things have turned really outrageous where people still haven’t learnt the real meaning of helping each other and treating everyone as equal. A recent example of “A Dalit couple” in Madhya Pradesh who have committed suicide because their crops were thrashed and they were being beaten up from the cops. This was a very brutal act against the marginalised sections of our society where those two were crying out for help and were begging to the police to stop and spare them, but nothing happened because it was an order from the government. This cruel and shameful act took place after the couple were seen growing crops on the land which was being inherited by the government. They were quickly rushed to the hospital after both of them consumed pesticides, and now they are in a normal condition.

Al Jazeera

“When our standing crop has been destroyed, we don’t have the option but to kill ourselves” Devi quoted.

All of this took place because the Government wants to build a college at the same spot where the couple had their farms and the government wanted them to leave everything and clear the land, but they didn’t accept their order because they were in debt and farming was the only source of living for their family. But in this also again the Political parties have started their war where they are blaming each other for this incident. This issue has come up weeks after that brutal and senseless incident where a son and a father were beaten up to death in Tamil Nadu by the cops.

What are we doing? where is the world going? On one hand where the policemen/policewomen are given the authority to serve for the country and work for the civilians, protect them, prevent all the evil things which are taking place in the society and on the other hand the police is beating up their people. Please stop, we are already having multiple issues in our society, people are dealing with numerous problems and above all Farmers are the fruit givers to the society, they feed us, how can we take their land and built something in place of a farm. This issue is something very serious and we have to fight against this, we have to fight against the rights of the farmers because they work for the Primary sector of the society. I hope this article will ring a bell of humanity in each one of us and will force us to make an initiative and stop the evil doings of this society, if not this at least we can pray for the farmers, for their health and well-being.