Photography as a career

Vaishali Singh

Photography is one of the major things of everyone’s life today,

All of us want to freeze the moments we live day to day in a photograph, the new developing technology has made it very easier for people to document their lives easily through photographs and videos and the advancements in technology helps you to put your documented photographs or videos on the platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc. and build your career out of it but the question is how to get started? Now, basically if you want to get started with photography then you do not need a professional degree or course the only thing you need are skills and that’s it but if you’ll do a course or major in photography or cinematography then it will help your chances of getting jobs in the Multi national companies, but if you want to make a career out of blogging vlogging youtubing or photographer then a degree is not a compulsion, what important is teaching yourself about the principles of capturing an image and the lighting conditions and then just go out start practising in real world, now you can learn everything by yourself but it takes time to develop a skill, what’s more important in photography is light.

The word “Photography” itself depicts the meaning as drawing using light. The word photography is made of two words PHOTO and GRAPHEIN where Photo means light and Graphein means to draw.

So, light plays the major role in photography,  after learning the basic principles of photography and light the practising comes into play.

Now, the answer of the question how to get started is very simple just start practising right away, reach out to people, at the earlier stage do the unpaid shoots then build your profile, work as an intern and gain experiences overtime after building your name you can start to earn money through photography and can begin your own photography career.