Everyone is no one to everyone. You is both singular and plural in English grammar but it’s different in life. It’s always singular and you are only you and no one cares. Caring is done only if you pay. Money makes people and breaks people. If you have money, you can buy anything. Believe no one else you become only one.

Have faith in others but don’t trust others. Being you everytime and thinking only about you is atmost necessary in this cruel world. Have faith and beleive in yourself. No one is going to help unless you help them. Why do anyone help anyone without getting something. Giving is difficult and taking is easy. Beleive the process but not people. Trust no one and have faith in you. Life in this selfish world is so selfless. Living for others make your mates treat you as some other random guy. Never hope for something . Expecting is foolish because you are a fool to expect. Never give and never hope for the return.

Someone is something to you when he expects something to you and you become something when he gets his something. Don’t give atleast a thing and if anyone gives you something to you even before you give them believe him. Trusting blindly is so easy. Don’t give them opportunity because that makes them to have a choice between leading a luxurious life and happy life. Everyone will experience a moment in their life whether to choose a luxurious life by breaking the choice or to have a happy life by keeping the promise.

Believing your children isn’t trust worthy because there are few of them whom we can take as examples. Sometimes trusting yourself is too dangerous but there will be no choice to make because you are the choice maker. Make yourself strong because atlast you will be left alone right beside you to condolence yourself. It’s ok if you betray yourself because it’s better than getting betrayed by some others. Have a great hioe and become a master of making you. Don’t ever try to oversmart yourself because you know who you are.